Fruit In Your Gardens, Not Forbidden

Here I am again talking about things that no one seems to address. Why I must ask is it not encouraged to plant edible fruit bearing trees and shrubs in our gardens. I will tell you why. Most designers are stuck in their college architecture class and have very little ability to think outside that […]

Colors In The Garden (Not Just Black & White)

The gloves are off and it is time to stop playing I wish as it refers to our gardens. A garden takes work and if you don’t have the patience to manage it and experiment with it stop wasting your money. The only option becomes find someone who loves flowers and knows how to coordinate […]

From Drought to Deluge

Water is our friend? Is this the question we should be considering when referring to our gardens? YES YES YES. Now the question is how do we manage the severe swings in weather? ONE WORD. SOIL Tell me you don’t understand so I can explain further. Good. Now this is what I know. Plants vary […]

Plant An Island Of Your Very Own

We all have been somewhere other than our own homes and felt as though we could stay there forever and call that place home. What was it that that place had that made you feel that way? Was it the water, the trees, the flowers, the snow? Well maybe not the snow for this blog. […]

Don’t Walk Away From Quietly Crying Plants

So it has been a little longer than I would have liked but here I am. I was out last night with a number of men from my temple’s Men’s Club and besides the two friends I like I couldn’t help look at the trees and plants in the dark. I wanted to scream at […]

Planting Boxes and Large Urns

There are options abound.┬áPerennials, annuals, creepers, climbers, evergreens, deciduous trees, where do you begin. Color, form, height, flower, leaf, does it ever stop. YES. And it also begins with your individual assessment of space and surrounding environment. I will say one thing and one thing only. Do not be swayed by what you have seen […]

Compost Brings Wonders

What, What, What. You know it, yet you don’t do it. So just DO IT, DO IT, DO IT. Come on. I know I should be collecting the plastic and bottles and cans and separating my garbage. Do I do it consistently? NO. Do I know what I am doing? YES. So what is my […]

Restoration Pruning / Landscape Restoration (Who do I hire?)

Islands creating a long view. So it has been over a month now that I have been putting my mind to work here on these pages. Trying to figure out what everyone needs to understand to improve their gardens and landscapes. Each and every day my mind spins with the ideas that will benefit all […]

Before the Rain Fertilization

Hey everyone! For those 2 people possibly reading this blog, welcome. This blog is serious business with no pictures. I will take some new pics this week and show you how great the Clematis Jackmani looks. Here in the northeast we will be getting rain late tomorrow. This opens up the opportunity for us to […]