You Think It’s Landscape Magic?

I don’t have much time to write this blog so I will do it as clean and neat as possible. Your property will not help itself.  Within 5 years of pruning your property once or even twice a year, your property will overgrow. You will have to do some hard pruning or even worse dig […]

May 17th, Lawn is Poppin

This is a no nonsense message to all those who love and hate their lawn. All the effort in the world won’t improve the lawn when you have a shallow root zone. You have done it yourself. Irrigation systems not programmed correctly and unmonitored through the different temperatures and rains of the year. Soil is […]

One Love, One Plan – Once Upon…

Hey, how was everyone’s weekend. Got some gardening done? Enjoyed your garden? Enjoyed someone else’s garden? What ever you ended up doing, before it gets too warm you need to stop, breath and slowly walk around. It could be your neighborhood or some one else’s. It could be the local park or soccer filed. There […]

OMG How Big They Get…

Welcome to this gardeners mind. Most people owning a home on Long Island after 5 years, 10 years, or like me 14+ years are amazed at how much their properties have grown. I have been planting new perennials and specimen trees on my property every year since I moved in. With planting comes additional management […]

Bring the Outdoors In

Mothers day just passed and everyone is spending money on flowers. I love all the excitement over buying flowers and bringing the outdoors inside, but, don’t forget to consider your own properties flowers and their possibilities as indoor arrangements. The variations are unlimited. Not just flowers but ornamental trees and their varied foliage. Just go […]

Overwhelming Japanese Maples

This may sound funny but WOW how large my Japanese Maple (Acer Palmatum) has become. We plant Japanese Maples with the intention most of the time that they will be relatively small and pretty and compliment our gardens. No Way. Do not be surprised after 5 years or more if your pretty petite Japanese Maple has […]

Leaves Clapping Hands

We look out into our gardens and we see so much and miss most of the subtitles. I have so many different types of trees, evergreens, woody ornamentals, perennials, bulbs and vines on my property there are always things that are missed. But this note to you today is not about what I missed but what […]

Grass is Growing Fertilize Your Evergreens

DAILY TESTIMONIAN, HEAR ME ALL. I must begin with a definition of my humility. My brother (on my wife’s side of the family) has been improving his property, with my help, for a few years. He is kind and generous and does his best to make a strong effort in our family relationship. I was […]

Don’t Smell The Roses Document Their Growth

Today didn’t leave me much time to enjoy the garden but I did have an opportunity to appreciate it. My son had his spring-time concert and before we left I noticed something special. The Kwanzan Flowering Cherry Tree (latin, Prunus serrulata ‘Kwanzan’) in front of the property, after the rains was wonderful. Spilling pink petals […]