Gardening, Health And Relationships: What Can We All Do?

Healthy gardens, healthy lifestyle and healthy relationships, what can we do to cultivate them and yield results that make us proud and help us to move forward for 2017? This question more than any other has me thinking on every imaginable level. Every day I interact with any of these parts of my life I […]

Sacrifice: When Did We Last Pay For our Freedoms & Protections?

People of the United States of America, DO I STAND ALONE IN MY THINKING? When did we last sacrifice as individuals, as a nation, to earn the rights and privileges, the freedoms and protections we all take for granted? We are about to embark on a pivotal moment in our history. How will we measure […]

The many layers in nature mimic the many masks we create to survive.

Life Coaching For The Parents Of Children With Special Needs: WOW

Life Coaching for anyone is a benefit but Parents with children who have special needs are silently crying for help. Special needs can range from mentally challenged on many levels, emotionally challenged, physically disabled, speech delayed or a basket of issues outside the norm. To name all the disappointments that parents face would take pages. […]


New York Autumn Color Distracting the Work To Be Done With Bulbs

Planting Bulbs in October and November is forgotten because of the Beautiful Autumn Colors. BIG or small, properties of all sizes need not be neglected for Fall planting to create springtime flower displays. You could plant a dozen Tulips or a thousand Daffodils, a small package of Crocus or a mass planting of Virginia Bluebells. […]

What is a Life Coach? Why Coaching In The Garden?

What is a Life Coach? There are many definitions all similar. My favorite is from WebMD A partnership is established to realize dreams creating challenges utilizing existing strengths and abilities to make those business or personal dreams realistic and accomplishable. Life Coaching grows client possibilities: Success generated by enthusiasm. I love these two ideas. Client possibilities are […]