Roses and their petals

Stopping To Smell The Roses Takes Some Effort In 2017

Ever Wonder where the time has gone? Have you stopped to smell the roses lately? The ongoing movement that makes our lives does not speed up or slow down on it’s own. We choose! Gardens are created via the choices we make just as our lives take form based on daily decisions. Will urgency arise […]

Threadleaf Cypress and Boxwood Korean before the formal prune

Layering In The Garden And Managing The Maintenance

Before and after the formal pruning on a Long Island property. Anyone can put a plant into the ground. Not just anyone can formally prune those plants over time to fit into the architecture of the house. Before you hire anyone to install your idea of paradise please ask them the most important questions.   […]

Summer View from the 2nd story, Weeping European Hornbeam

Landscape Designer verses Interior Designer: Living Spaces That Breath & Grow

Landscape Design verses interior design brings more differences then similarities. Design in general will bring color, form, flow, texture and architecture into a space. With all these elements you would think that the outdoor landscapes would have greater similarities with home interior designs. I say NOT! Landscapes and gardens have movement, breath in life, are […]


Review: Garden & Landscape Evolution And How My Mind Views Future Success

Landscapes and Gardens composting your money instead of growing value for your home. Gardens grow and without any help from people they would naturally take back the planet. So the question reveals itself. What purpose do we have as master gardeners, horticulturists, environmentalists, arborists, nature guides, seekers of natural truths, students of nature and as artists? […]

February Is The Gardener’s Month Of Reflection and Preparation

In New York the gardener’s month of reflection and preparation is February. This means anyone who has a tree or bush on their property better consider bringing a tree specialist, plant specialist, garden designer, property manager and or flower expert into their home and onto their property. It shouldn’t cost anyone more than time. IF […]

The Mind Fails Before The Body, Hope Renewed With Our Imagination

Man made gardens need man made care. Dream spaces need not live solely in our imaginations. I sit in my living room with the sounds of George Winstron’s piano, the Winter album, surrounding me. I write to you considering all that my life has recently presented to me. Continuing education in self awareness, teaching young […]

Gardening, Health And Relationships: What Can We All Do?

Healthy gardens, healthy lifestyle and healthy relationships, what can we do to cultivate them and yield results that make us proud and help us to move forward for 2017? This question more than any other has me thinking on every imaginable level. Every day I interact with any of these parts of my life I […]