Garden Designs First Rule: Know Costs of Maintenance & Management

Garden designs need  maintenance expectations that are realistic economically and client centered. One of the most important aspects of customer care in Landscape design needs to be the education of clients as it refers to caring for the gardens that are designed on paper before they are installed. Like any first time meeting between professionals and […]

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Plant With Me Presents: The Garden Therapist

Garden Therapy, live the dream, bring back the beauty and value of your life and gardens. Plant With Me presents The Garden Therapist. Has neglect occurred in your garden? Do you no longer trust your mow and blow landscaper? Is the value of your landscape worth less today then your original investment? Have you neglected yourself? […]

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Layered Gardens for Outdoor Living Spaces Bringing Serenity

Garden design for outdoor living spaces creates Zen-like serenity in shade, full sun or everything in between. The question is which word in that first sentence resonates with you. Pick the word and then your on your way. Outdoor, living, Zen, serenity, shade, sun, garden, design, spaces. Which word you choose begins your personal journey. […]

Garden Survival 101, Protecting Against The Next Hurricane Sandy

Designing and managing your gardens and landscapes to survive future Hurricanes like Sandy should be the new order of the day.  Engaging design forethought and setting proper maintenance goals so homeowners will have greater understanding of what it will cost to care for their property, if they aren’t doing all the work themselves. The reality […]

Letting Your Long Island, NY Garden Grow Can Cost You

Letting your Long Island, New York garden grow can cost you a lot of money if you don’t consider how to properly manage the number of plants, type of plants and where you are planting. If you believe you have accomplished the first management task with good choices the second and final consideration needs to […] Articles About To Be Posted

New Articles to challenge your gardening senses. I have been under cover for the past seven months and am back to expand your gardening and landscape horizons. Get ready for a new direction that will reopen old doors and present new doors to be ventured through. I look forward to everyone joining me as we […]