Using birdhouses to enhance the garden

Northeastern USA Gardening For The Winter Landscape 2012 Adapting to Nature

Adapting your gardening and thinking for planetary climate change is critical to helping our community filter polution and our planet breath. With countries around the world industrializing and joining the international arena with goods and services the need for planting, managing and maintaining the remaining trees, natural forests and community green spaces will be critical in the fight against […]

When the mail shade tree in the back of your property fails you have a whole new Garden environment.

Restoring Those Tree & Plant Specimens That Seem To Be Hopeless

Northeastern plant and tree specimens ravaged by Hurricane Sandy need not be discarded so quickly. The hope for restoration and the renewal of life when all seems lost needs to be maintained. In the United State Of America over the past year we have had a number of interesting weather events that have challenged our […]

Sod Verses Seed To Create The Lawn Of Your Dreams

Lawns: What’s the value of laying sod verses dropping seed? This and so many other gardening and landscaping questions should be approached strictly from an economic standpoint. What is the cost over a 10 year period? To answer this question there is some information needed so an understanding of value is created. Sod comes from […]

How Gardens Grown And Develop All Depends On The Human Touch

How do gardens develop is my topic of the hour. To keep this article clear and clean I will lay out some focus questions that everyone needs to consider before addressing how gardens develop. For the purpose of this article Gardens will be defined as, deliberately chosen areas with plants in and or around  said areas. Now […]

Managing the balance and value of landscapes around a home. Common Mistakes, not pruning hard enough.

How Do You Prune Your Property For Long Term Value?

How do you prune your property for long term value? This needs to be the question everyone investing in their property must address. Don’t stop reading now this is where it gets all juicy. Have you planted your property yourself, have you hired someone to design and install the landscape for you or have you […]

Climbing Rose "Eden" display in full glory

Flowers Blooming around Long Island, New York In June – Popping Early

Flowers blooming around Long Island in New York are demonstrating signs of Popping early. The warm weather this area had in April following a warm winter has really pushed the trees,perennial and woody ornamentals timetable for emerging flowers. There are many examples of unusual early emerging flowers but none as obvious as my Clematis “Jackmanii” […]