Master Pruners Know How Plants Will Respond With Each Cut

Landscapes and gardens overgrown, are neglected and get out of control. There are only a few reasons these things happen. The first reason gardens overgrow is over-planting. Landscape designers, landscapers and homeowners putting more plants into a landscape then environmentally appropriate. The first creative thoughts, before design and installation, should be centered around how and […]

Life Coaching: Buddha In The Garden with Michael Rosenberg Master Gardener

Life Coach Michael Rosenberg sees magic and transformation occurring in the garden. ‘Sit with me as we create space’, Michael says. This is all about creating opportunity to be in the present void of weight created by anything and everything that happened earlier that day, that week, that month or all those years gone by. Where […]

Garden Survival 101, Protecting Against The Next Hurricane Sandy

Designing and managing your gardens and landscapes to survive future Hurricanes like Sandy should be the new order of the day.  Engaging design forethought and setting proper maintenance goals so homeowners will have greater understanding of what it will cost to care for their property, if they aren’t doing all the work themselves. The reality […]

Ornamental pruning of special trees

Gardening Questions? Ask The Expert Is Coming To Plant With Me This Fall

Gardening Questions? Ask The Expert Is Coming To Plant With Me This Fall along with a comprehensive garden management program for 2014. OMG did this post have to begin this way? Unfortunately the answer is yes followed by an exclamation point!   Here on Long Island, located east of New York City, homeowners the past […]

Using birdhouses to enhance the garden

Northeastern USA Gardening For The Winter Landscape 2012 Adapting to Nature

Adapting your gardening and thinking for planetary climate change is critical to helping our community filter polution and our planet breath. With countries around the world industrializing and joining the international arena with goods and services the need for planting, managing and maintaining the remaining trees, natural forests and community green spaces will be critical in the fight against […]

Gardens, Landscapes, Planting and Pruning On Long Island, New York properties

Planting and pruning your landscapes or gardens on Long Island, New York properties is a challenge more then ever before. As I drive around the different neighborhoods on Long Island, if it’s Old Westbury, East Northport, Roslyn, Plainview, Huntington Bay, Brookville, Smithtown, Glen Cove, Head Of The Harbor, Laurel Hollow, Melville, Fort Solonga or Commack […]