Butterfly King in the garden: The Monarch know.

Homeowner? Studying Landscape / Garden Management & Maintenance Makes The Difference

Are you a homeowner that needs to understand Landscape and Garden management? Michael Rosenberg @ Plant With Me, Inc. specializes in educating home owners, especially new homeowners, on the many aspects and challenges associated with the outside of their house. Welcome to the wonderful world of life outside the confines of your home. Trees, bushes, roses, […]

What is a Life Coach? Why Coaching In The Garden?

What is a Life Coach? There are many definitions all similar. My favorite is from WebMD http://www.webmd.com/balance/guide/life-and-wellness-coaches. A partnership is established to realize dreams creating challenges utilizing existing strengths and abilities to make those business or personal dreams realistic and accomplishable. Life Coaching grows client possibilities: Success generated by enthusiasm. I love these two ideas. Client possibilities are […]


Garden Designs First Rule: Know Costs of Maintenance & Management

Garden designs need  maintenance expectations that are realistic economically and client centered. One of the most important aspects of customer care in Landscape design needs to be the education of clients as it refers to caring for the gardens that are designed on paper before they are installed. Like any first time meeting between professionals and […]