Garden Survival 101, Protecting Against The Next Hurricane Sandy

Designing and managing your gardens and landscapes to survive future Hurricanes like Sandy should be the new order of the day. ¬†Engaging design forethought and setting proper maintenance goals so homeowners will have greater understanding of what it will cost to care for their property, if they aren’t doing all the work themselves. The reality […]

When the mail shade tree in the back of your property fails you have a whole new Garden environment.

Restoring Those Tree & Plant Specimens That Seem To Be Hopeless

Northeastern plant and tree specimens ravaged by Hurricane Sandy need not be discarded so quickly. The hope for restoration and the renewal of life when all seems lost needs to be maintained. In the United State Of America over the past year we have had a number of interesting weather events that have challenged our […]

Wisteria center stage

Wisteria Management (It’s growing here, there and everywhere)

Wisteria? For the moment please check out our developing charity Life In Mind, Breathing Trees Wisteria center stage Before I talk about this amazing plant and all the possibilities it can bring let me take a sidebar for a moment and talk about the here and now. It is February 4, 2011 and I live […]