When the mail shade tree in the back of your property fails you have a whole new Garden environment.

Restoring Those Tree & Plant Specimens That Seem To Be Hopeless

Northeastern plant and tree specimens ravaged by Hurricane Sandy need not be discarded so quickly. The hope for restoration and the renewal of life when all seems lost needs to be maintained. In the United State Of America over the past year we have had a number of interesting weather events that have challenged our […]

Boxwoods pruned less than 2 times a year is irresponsible

The Art Of Pruning For Maintaining Value Around Your Property

The art of pruning around New York especially Long Island involves a great sensitivity to the diversity we can plant in this zone (7a). I have recently visited over 100 properties in the past three and a half months and everyone seems to have similar issues and questions. My gardens, landscapes and trees have gotten […]

December and Cold Invites Developmental Pruning

Get ready for the first in a series of winter pruning (general pruning) demonstration. It will be a great journey. Finding the best ornamental tree pruner in Long Island, New York, Suffolk County or Nassau County will be a great challenge. I hope this helps direct those in need. Developmental pruning is old world estate […]