Planting Boxes and Large Urns

There are options abound. Perennials, annuals, creepers, climbers, evergreens, deciduous trees, where do you begin.

Hand Stained Concret Urn

Color, form, height, flower, leaf, does it ever stop. YES. And it also begins with your individual assessment of space and surrounding environment.

Cascade with Petunias

I will say one thing and one thing only. Do not be swayed by what you have seen in the past. The retail industry has a preconceived notion of what you will buy and how much money you will spend (there is extensive market research dedicated to consumer sentiment). Be weary of this trap. There is a lot of water needed to sustain these planters and pots, and if you bring a plant from one environment to another there may very well be transitional shock (sun, shade, direction and surrounding elements that protected that planter with it’s plants.

Creeping Jenny cascades down while Canna Lilly reaches for the sky

Creeping Jenny was a great discovery for me a few years ago and how it could be used in large planters and urns. If you don’t know what it looks like I will take a picture and put it on this block, right here right now.

Urns complementing a fence

There are so many plants underutilized that it makes me crazy to consider all the monotonous and boring out there in each persons property.

Want to sit? Welcome to double trouble.

Front yards filled with endless lawns and no benefit to the neighborhood. Boring pots of individual plants massed together and screaming for attention because they are so lonely hanging there all by themselves. The insects don’t even what to be seen with them (well maybe that is a little too much). But you can imagine how a bee may feel when he comes across a planter with a smorgasbord full of plants and flowers verses a single family. Hey did I spell smorgasbord correctly. Please let me know.

Lots of adventure

Now go out and buy at least 3 different types of plants to put into each of your pots. Good luck and let me know people.

Urns with water steel the show

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