OMG How Big They Get…

Welcome to this gardeners mind. Most people owning a home on Long Island after 5 years, 10 years, or like me 14+ years are amazed at how much their properties have grown. I have been planting new perennials and specimen trees on my property every year since I moved in. With planting comes additional management (pruning and soil maintenance) Ignoring or neglecting your landscape and gardens will cost you more, over time, than simply maintaining your gardens every year.

For example tonight I drove into my driveway and witnessed my Royal Star Magnolia overtaking my view of some of the trees and gardens behind her. You must picture what I am seeing. I drive up to the end of the drive and all I can see is this tree (great as it may be). It is night-time and my lights are staring into this lush green wonder. I get out of my truck and walked around to look at the tree and realized that my Home Depot find (originally 3 feet tall in a 10 gallon pot purchased for $99.00) had grown to over 8 feet tall in four years. I know plants and get along with most of them. They enjoy being around me as much as I like them, but this is a man made environment owned by my wife (she deserves it). Even though she doesn’t know it, you much manage ALL your creations, Not just your children.

It is 8pm, no more light and I can’t help myself. I open my truck pull out my felko #2 hand pruner and ornamentally prune off 3 feet from the top and some of the long ends going around. I will review in the morning rain and determine what additional reduction I must do to get this plant back into harmony with the rest of the gardens.

Carpinus betulus Pendula< I Love this tree and if you don’t have one you should figure out how to find one and plant it somewhere on your property where it is in your face. Enough on that side bar.

OK. I have said what I needed to say and leave you with one thought. Don’t just settle for what nature awards you. You determine and rule over your trees and gardens before your overall value is compromised and or lost. The Following picture represents one variety of  Hakonechloa ‘Japanese Forrest Grass auria’.

Don’t Be Frightened! Thank you Tevye (Fiddler On The Roof, reference). Night Night.

Michael Rosenberg, a NYS Certified Arborist, is the Owner of Plant With Me, Inc., a 10 year old landscape restoration and design company located in Huntington, NY. Michael is the publisher, a gardening resource for homeowners and gardeners. For more information about Plant With Me, please call 516-860-5131, email I also encourage you to continue your journey through this gardeners mind @

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