Before the Rain Fertilization

Hey everyone! For those 2 people possibly reading this blog, welcome. This blog is serious business with no pictures. I will take some new pics this week and show you how great the Clematis Jackmani looks.

Here in the northeast we will be getting rain late tomorrow. This opens up the opportunity for us to fertilize our lawns, broad leaf evergreens and early flowering perennials. Knowing the weather and how to work with mother nature (now why is it a mother instead of a father) can be critical in a man made environment. It is important because we want to develop deep rooted gardens. The only planting areas this doesn’t apply to as much is with the  annuals.

Turn off your watering system before the rain and if it rains hard let your plants go without watering (except annuals) for at least 2 days. Force your lawn and gardens to stretch and reach for the water deeper into the ground. This is called developing a drought tolerant environment. It is not easy to do this at first. It can be a little stressful at times, but this practice creates gardens that need less water and nutrients over time. SOOOOOOOOOOO

Go ahead and fertilize today and tomorrow morning with the idea that you are partnering up with one of the most powerful women in the green industry.Mother Nature of course!  If you see her please tell her I have been working very hard and will get to the gym after all the gardens are managed (yeah yeah yeah, I know. No excuses.). I should take care of myself like I take care of the gardens. A little love and attention every day. If you saw my wife you couldn’t believe I haven’t forced myself to the gym to compliment how good she looks. Just one more beautiful flower when she is sitting inside my gardens.

May your soil smell rich and your gardens buzz with insects and wildlife.

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