Bring the Outdoors In

Mothers day just passed and everyone is spending money on flowers. I love all the excitement over buying flowers and bringing the outdoors inside, but, don’t forget to consider your own properties flowers and their possibilities as indoor arrangements. The variations are unlimited. Not just flowers but ornamental trees and their varied foliage. Just go art crazy.

Lilacs are the most obvious plants to bring in right now but don’t dismiss your Tree Peonies, Clematis, Bearded Iris and one of my favorite the Viburnums (especially Double file Viburnum). The other opportunities can be the Japanese Maples, Willows and Hornbeams. Clean off the stems of all insects and arrange to your hearts content. I would appreciate it if people began considering planting and designing with the idea of bringing their plant’s gifts into the home. Don’t just look out the window to enjoy your plants.

Now on to more serious business. Everyone, even the master gardeners and professional designers are continually trying to figure out what works around their properties. Sometimes you just need to stretchand challenge, set expectations and go for it. With a little bit of knowledge and a whole lot of care, there isn’t much you can’t plant somewhere, around your properties. I know in this economy people are being conservative, but you can’t wait, time will pass you by. If you plant today your rewards tomorrow are so much greater. Don’t wait. Pick a color. Pick a spot. Quick, go to Barnes and Noble or Borders one evening, take a walk through their large selection of tree and perennial books and make the jump. One plant.

Do not overwhelm yourself with a number of different things and waste your time and money with possible uncertainty. One plant in one location. KISS.

I have so much to say and so little time to express how I think and feel about the industry I have chosen to be in the last 10 Years. WOW, 10 years. I have so much more to learn.

Last idea of the day. I want you to consider the value of your landscapers, how much equipment they have invested in and bring to your property every week and how much they generally don’t know about soils, spacial relationship and growth habits of most of the plants we have available to us. RULE OF THE DAY: If the suggestion is 15 plants for an area, cut that number in half to 7 and see over 4 years how those plants fill that spot.

Save money. Save maintenance costs. Increase the overall value of your property. Get the greatest return using less of your hard earned money.

Good Luck.

Michael Rosenberg, a NYS Certified Arborist, is the Owner of Plant With Me, Inc., a 10 year old landscape restoration and design company located in Huntington, NY. Michael is the publisher, a gardening resource for homeowners and gardeners. For more information about Plant With Me, please call 516-860-5131, email I also encourage you to continue your journey through this gardeners mind @

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