A Room With A View; What do you see when you look out your windows?

Hey, good morning to everyone. It is crazy that for at least a week, I have had this idea in my head (looking out your windows , what do you see) and I have not taken the time to document it. I live here on Long Island in New York, and throughout the year, the diversity in weather conditions gives me many planting choices. I pose this question to everyone, what have you seen that you want and have you created that look outside every window view around your home.

WELL here I am documenting my question and ideas. HA! If anyone has photos of their window views, good or bad, I would love to see them.

What do you see when you look out your windows? Is it a fence, some lawn, a tree, your neighbor? What do you want to see should be the question. There is no property, no matter how big or small, that can’t be transported into the view you want to look out on to. So now I need for you to consider what it is that you would pay to see when you open your shades. We pay to stay at a hotel with a view of the park, the lake, the ocean and Times Square.

The pictures in this blog are rooms with a view. There are so many possibilities. Enjoy the photos and begin changing the world you wake up to. It helps to understand how all the green changes our mental state. In the futureĀ I will be taking pictures of views from different window. I can only hope you will see something that excites you and changes your perspective (what you should be seeing when you look out your windows in your home).

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