Across The Sea, Britain Is Calling

It was suggestd to me that I get back to the trees and the gardens. Well here I am and I will warm everyone up with something I enjoyed.

I have never done this, but I find the work of this writer to be very interesting. Hopefully you will appreciate it as well and find things here of value.

This is the link to BENS GARDEN .

This is the direct link to Robin Lane Fox’s video on his personal garden.

You can view the website I found or just the interesting video attached to this blog site article. I think all should view (Robin Lane Fox takes us through his garden). My suggestion is to copy and paste the link. Have fun.

We as Americans may be fresh and new compared to the english but their history and class put us to shame. This refers to the centuries of plant propagation, landscape architecture/design as well as the subtle nuances in their gardens. As Americans we have innovation, creativity and passion that’s far reaching compared to the english, but we can not ignore their history and accomplishments in the garden. Hats off to their foundations and sense of humor. Lets not forget where we have come from.

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