April 25, New York Long Island Rainy Day

My name is Michael Rosenberg and I love to garden. I love to get dirty. I love soil, and leaves and rocks and birds and anything associated with all things growing. I adore fungi especially mycorrhiza (Definition)  The symbiotic association of the mycelium of a fungus with the roots of certain plants, such as conifers, beeches, or orchids. mycorrhizal, pl. mycorrhizae (-z) or mycorrhizasSorry, just an outside note:  I was out last night singing and supporting my baby sister, at a bar, in her band. I thought she was great. So I woke up with a headache and my ears ringing (the headache was from the excessive gardening I did before the bar).

. to my first time BLOGGING, Garden journal. A Day In The Life, Walking With Michael Rosenberg Through the Gardens. The gardens are mine, my clients and any other environment I find that needs viewing and possible help. Every garden needs help, that is if they are man-made. This is one fact everyone doesn’t truly understand. It makes me crazy when someone wants to put a plant into the ground and expect it to be “no-maintenance”.  There is no such thing as no maintenance unless you live in the amazon or the poles.

So again I say here I am and I am about to venture on my first garden walk and afterward you are invited to read and experience what I see and how I think. If you have any love of plants, gardens, nature and how it is all connected to us you are the one I am looking  to have a relationship with. It will not always be easy and I won’t always be kind and positive. The one thing I will always be is honest. It can get me in trouble but it is all worth it.

I promise it won’t be boring and it may even be funny and exciting, I hope.  You will find my life as a son, my life as a husband, my life as a father, brother, son-in-law, friend and anything else I attempt to be in here. So welcome to my life as a planting, gardening fiend.  If I don’t know it, I will attempt to learn it. If I stumble and fall, I hope you are all there to laugh and cry with me throughout the process.

So good luck and enjoy the journey.



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