Belief Must Start With Faith In The Unknown: All That Follows Is Discipline.

Belief is not what you know but what you can imagine.

Our mind can twist and turn at speeds unimaginable yet we seem to find a way of holding on. This article is going to address the holding on. I hope you enjoy the ride. It begins with the understanding that we do NOT need to understand it all. If you have questions at this point I know for a fact you are not ready for the words you will be reading. This is not a judgement but a fact. I will say I have written many articles in the past that have touched on belief but not like what your about to read. This will take my readers to a new place. A place where there is no definition for where and what can be experienced. You just need to allow yourself to fall freely into the darkness. Lets begin.

The water is not crystal clear as a mater of fact it is clouded with little indication of depth. I seem to go blind walking forward and begin to loose my balance. My breath shortens and my heart starts to race as I have less and less understanding of what is ahead. Now stop. Breath as though anticipating the need to hold onto it for a while without another breath available. Where are you? What feeling begins to emerge? What thought is bubbling up? When the breath is released do not take another without realizing the gift that is received. Slow it all down. Let each breath and hold be a lifetime all on it’s own. Allow every exhale and hold a reflectionary moment to demonstrate thanks. Perform this exercise until all there is, breathe and hold – exhale and thanks, is all there is. This is the beginning.

When people pray to whatever their beliefs they are giving up control. I am asking you to give up control to yourself. Sit, stand, walk, run, drive, cycle, move or not move as you do and realize the power to believe is a  choice. What do you choose to believe in? Right now at this moment I ask that no questions be thought of, no reaching beyond what is here in this breath and consider that whatever power you may believe in can be found residing within. Not within what, just within. The power to change, to help, to stop, to go, whatever is needed is within. The brain will resist as the heart, soul and spirit suffocates under a truckload of questions. All I want you to do is breath. Doubt begins to shroud the feelings of release. The illusion of control begins to evaporate and fear slowly floods in. Just breathe, relaxing the systems of control that we have trained ourselves to rely on. Still beginning.

Where are you now? Begin falling into yourself, your breath, your rhythm. This is where the power plant lives. For as long as life has existed there has been an exchange of energies. The breath of life is universal and we have the ability to acknowledge it as the life spring. All I care about today with these shared words is your belief that I am telling you the truth. What you choose to do with these words, thoughts, ideas is a choice you will make. I will end here with one final jewel. As we grow older both in time and experience we seem to believe time moves faster, there is never enough time. I give you something to ponder. It might be that time doesn’t change but our perception of it changes. If this last statement is true then we have a choice how we perceive things. The wider you open the door more of the world comes into view. When more comes into view less of the world passes us by seemingly slowing time down (not really slowing it down, just the perception that via greater awareness we let more of the world around us in). I am just beginning but this ends my moment for now.

Thank you for joining me with my words. Find the happiness and share it with others.

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