Creating Sacred Spaces in Your Garden: A Chair, A Bench, The Trunk Of A Tree

Creating Sacred Spaces in our gardens is the ultimate opportunity for self care. A single chair placed in the desired location builds a sense of safety.

Sacred spaces need to generate spiritual, emotional and mental security. I need to stress that these special places to rest, to think, to meditate or reflect, make opportunity. We can share spaces but each is specifically designed to¬†help it’s owner breath. Are you with me in the process? Do you have a place where the silence welcomes you and softens all the edges of every day life? Close your eyes and tell me if you can see it in your mind. What does it look like? Tell me about the light or maybe it is void of light. What does it smell like and how does the air feel. Is there a breeze? Tell me when you are there and describe how it changes you. This is the beginning of finding peace and letting all outside elements melt away like hot fudge atop a large scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Some people need little space to be at peace while others need more than a little. As you determine your needs, which may change as you live the vision, choices will light your path.

When on the path what do you want to see?



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