February Is The Gardener’s Month Of Reflection and Preparation

In New York the gardener’s month of reflection and preparation is February. This means anyone who has a tree or bush on their property better consider bringing a tree specialist, plant specialist, garden designer, property manager and or flower expert into their home and onto their property. It shouldn’t cost anyone more than time.

IF YOU HAVE GOTTEN THIS FAR IN MY ARTICLE YOU’R LEVEL OF INTELLIGENCE IS HIGHER THEN THE AVERAGE. If time is the great sacrifice, bringing a professional into your world to engage in a conversation, than you are one who desires the most from the world around you. I am in the fraternity that strives to achieve that which we can only imagine. I believe if I don’t know it I then surround myself with those that are in the knowing. These experienced knowledgeable individuals can either teach me or perform the needed task at the highest possible level. With every challenge there are opportunities to learn and grow beyond where we have previously been. I am constantly considering how to improve from moment to moment. I expect that those reading my words practice the same discipline.

Gardens are complex systems of both science, spacial relationship, natural order, balanced systems and chaos. If we can agree with this previous statement we must acknowledge the multitude of experienced professionals needed to create our perfect outdoor living spaces. I appreciate the individual homeowner learning and working their own property yet don’t understand when they choose not to build relationships with their communities experts in the areas they want to develop. We all have an opportunity to learn from one another and it is time we begin reaching across the aisle and starting the conversation. ‘This is what I need, this is what I know, how can we be of service to one another? Time to stop thinking and engage in the doing.

February will not remain. February will march forward and the question remains, will you have put the effort in marching behind or staying in step. Time seems to be our greatest commodity and we must be respectful of times value. Gardens may appear to be in slumber but they are not. Soil heaves in the dramatic change of winters thermometer as plants, of all varieties, are pushed and pulled by the winds of winter. Times they are a changing and with 3 years of successive yearly temperature increases we must prepare our garden environments to meet new challenges. Research, look up and learn all you can but be true to your community and ask for assistance from those who pride themselves in knowing.

Gardens need people who love their potential. Your community has much to offer. Reach out and expand your relationships to enhance your garden’s life. Believe me when I write, you will be enhancing your own life in the process. If you do not think you have enough time to manage this in February I promise you your specialist won’t have time for you in April and May. I have throw out the gauntlet. You are the only one who can carry it forward for your gardens. What are you waiting for? This concludes my mission in the moment.

Till next time when words will collide once again with thoughts and dreams. Peace till then.

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