Fire, Wind, Water In The Landscape: Bringing The Outside In.

Mother Natures elements, fire, wind and water, need to be represented on every property.

What does this mean you ask? Those things we are naturally drawn to. Fire for warmth, water for rejuvenation and wind for movement. Most people are drawn to one element, representing their center, with less degrees of importance to those elements that remain. This means that each of us has a predisposed inner need. Some people embrace this idea while others deny it. If you haven’t guested already I am in the camp of the embracing. My favorite is not easily  defined because my experience with all three elements. If I were forced to pick one element it would be fire. Before we focus on what drawns me in lets explore all the elements.

Water's power of reflection can be beautiful and deadly
Water’s power of reflection can be beautiful and deadly

Water can cool us off, quench our thirst, warm us on a cold day, take us on a journey, demonstrating reflexion and sound. When water is present, if active or still, there is a sense of wonder. What lies beneath, where does water take us, the power to create life and the power to wipe things clean. Around the planet water takes on many colors and forms. From the frozen tundra, the warm exotic regions of the equator and from sea to shining deep blue sea water demonstrates it’s dominance. Water trumps fire and enhances wind. What more can you ask for in an environmental element.


Wind creating a blinding environment
Wind creating a blinding environment

Wind poses much differently. There are so many ways of accenting wind. For example there is the breezy which seems so sweet and gentle and then there is the reference to the freight train which I have heard is the sound wind makes as a tornado or hurricane passes overhead. Wind transforms a space from stillness to movement and sound enhanced. The rustling of the leaves only occurs if there is a wind. The sound of the wind through your tree(s). Wind gets our attention especially if it is raining. A gentle rain storm turns less gentle and more ferocious as the wind begins to blow. What do you think occurs with a whispering wind, the movement of blowin in the wind or the power of a wind tunnel? The diversity that can be captured by wind power is simply amazing.

Fire is the last stop on this train and rightly so. Even though trumped by water fire is no wallflower. Different colors, different smells, from hot to burning down the house fire is not so easily contained. Fire will bite and won’t want to let go so be respectful. The beauty that captures our interest with fire is it’s ability to warm us on a cold evening. The mystery of the

Let it Burn
Large fire pit set on a hill within the ecotone. This torch is sending a message

nighttime fire if it be sitting up close and comfy or the fascinating view from afar as things are ablaze. Fire bounces and dances and displays a grand diversity of oranges, yellows, reds, whites and blues. If it be simply lighting a match or releasing the energy within a nuclear bomb the pure intensity of the world aflame fascinates us.

This is my teaser. Get a small fire pit for $39.00, purchase a 24″ diameter wind spinner for $42.00 and get some type of water feature that displays the movement of water (these can be more expensive and require power). Once these elements are on your property and in your gardens never again will you imagine a world, a winter, without bringing the outdoors in

Happy Springtime finding the love, cherishing the hope and sharing of yourself. Peace to you and all yours in each moment.

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