From Drought to Deluge

Water is our friend? Is this the question we should be considering when referring to our gardens? YES YES YES. Now the question is how do we manage the severe swings in weather? ONE WORD. SOIL

Tell me you don’t understand so I can explain further. Good. Now this is what I know.

Plants vary in their needs, soil, food, water and light. If we understand the individual plants we have to acknowledge that the outside world has many variables in which we can’t control. So the question becomes what can we control. With proper landscape design we can create shade (controlling some of the light) and we can control the soil with it’s nutrients (food/fertilizer).

The most important thing when considering a plant is how the roots will establish a relationship with the surrounding soil (going out and down from it’s original planting hole). All the science talks about where the tree originated from and based on that info what needs it will have in it’s non-native environment. The one thing we know about most plants is how they respond to the nitrogen, phospherous and potasium in the soil. We also know that all most plants want to do (as quickly as possible is develop roots. The greater the root system the faster that tree can support itself and protect itself from insect and disease attacks.

Trees are most vulnerable when damaged. That damage can occur during planting (breaking the root system, root crown or scaring the trunk). It can occur when people mow and edge an area around that tree (damaging the trunk and breaking branches). Damage can also occur when the soil around a tree is disturbed via, construction equipment compacting the soil (creating fewer opportunities for roots gascious exchange), digging up soil (disturbing the natural beneficial insects and fungi in the soil) and tearing feeder root systems and anchor roots (inviting disease through open wounds).

Back to topic would be good. No mater what the environment dishes out, trees need the opportunity to be as strong as possible. Know the plant and know your soil. Everything else will establish around these two elements.

Feel the force within the power of nature and your ability to contribute to it’s success.

FEEL THE FORCE>>>Plant a tree…

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