Garden and Landscape Course For Long Island Homeowners and Weekend Worriers (Book-club format & Field Training)

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The 5 Week Study Course consists of 2 Meetings a Week.

The first meeting of each week (book club style without the bull) – 80 minute class divided into three parts

Special Note: During the signup period students will have an opportunity to choose the topics for focused landscaping discussions.

First part: Recommended readings, Why they are important and what makes them unique as resources (10 minutes).

Second part: Focused landscape/garden discussion on a single topic and lots of  connecting information to that topic, with recommended resources (50 minutes).

Third part: Show and tell consisting of teacher and student garden/landscape pictures. What they represent and how they will lead to greater knowledge and understand in and around your property’s gardens. Questions can accompany pictures instead of statements (20 minutes).

The second meeting of each week will take place on a student’s property with goals and expectations as to what they would like to accomplish. Everyone will have an opportunity to have the entire class on their property restoring, planting or creating design layouts to be done in the future. I will review everyone’s property prior to the groups meeting. This hands on natural classroom will last 2 1/2 hours (early on Saturday or Sunday of that week). Scheduling will be determined the end of our first weekly meeting at my location. A calendar of scheduled events will be emailed to everyone with addresses after the first class. Everyone will confirm their availability.

The cost of the study program without materials and tools $500.00

If you are interested, reserve your spot today by contacting us at todat

Office/Cell # 516-860-5131 or by email:

QUESTION:  Have you ever had questions and concerns around your home’s gardens and landscape? It might have been irrigation/watering, soil and drainage, pruning and planting, perennial/annuals, design, outdoor lighting/barbecues,  hardscape materials for walkways and patios, outdoor water features, music for your gardens, wind sculptures and outdoor art, pergolas, arbors, gazebos, outdoor furniture, hanging swings, and climbing plants. There is so much more to discuss but I can’t fit all of it into this one introduction. The point is I have designed a 5 week super class for a select group of people that want all the answers. The course work isn’t an end all to your future quires but it will give you an advantage over most people wandering lost in their gardens.

Additional Student Benefits: Any student that would like access to all the wholesale nurseries, wholesale stone yards, my knowledge of plants and the usage of my truck, for an hourly fee, will be available the week prior to the class being on your property. All material, if any is needed, must be on the property prior to the classes arrival. Hourly fees will vary based on the material needed and the delivery. Fees will be fair and reasonable. Students are responsible for paying for any and all materials they would like to have for this part of the course.

1st class cycle begins:        April 4, 2011 @ 7:30pm

2nd class cycle begins:   May 5, 2011 @ 7:30pm

* No one needs to purchase any books and can use their own tools, as long as the are clean and sharp.

* Everyone is expected to be a part of each others learning experience on each others property (almost no exceptions).

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