Garden Decor, Bringing The Inside Out

Hi folks. It seems as if I have another idea (yeah, a never ending process). Before anything else, I send my love and support to my friend B.P. I hope you are feeling better. Call me and let me know.

For years we would visit our friends and families homes and sit outside around that table and bench set (like the ones you would find at the state parks). I remember my father and mother having that red wood bench and table setup in the backyard. It was fun, everyone sitting next to one another, squished around that table on those benches eating our ice cream in the dixie cups. Fast forward to current day garden design and outdoor spaces. Today, the only thing that those redwood benches are used for are ornamental pots with beautiful combinations of tropical plants and annuals.

Birdbath amongst friends

We have many options when it comes to furnishings and ornaments for our outdoor living spaces. Before I venture forward I must make mention, most of us don’t have cabana boys at our homes and we need to maintain and protect ┬áinvestments we make for our outdoor paradises. There is a great website called the COVERSTORE, which is where I purchased a cover for my outdoor couch. Under this cover I place all my cushions and pillows. This additional work guarantees I always have dry comfy seats to sit on when the weather is nice. Well worth the investment (we all know how expensive replacing moldy or ruined cushions can be).

OK, OK, OK. Onto the serious topic at hand. Designing and choosing the furnishings and decor for your outdoor spaces.

Aluminum Wrought Iron – Wood (redwood, teak, bamboo) – Steel (painted) – Stainless steel. These are a few of the more popular materials that can be used. Now that I have bored you to death, we need to understand that just like designing the spaces in side homes, we have to consider space, color, form and movement within and around the area you are considering (creating an outdoor living room). The nicest outdoor spaces are enveloped by gardens and pathways. These areas can incorporate major hardscapes as well as grand arbors, trellises, pergolas and water features. Spacial relationships between main house and these outdoor spaces is critical so as to develop a seamless sense of movement.

Birdbath reflecting life

It is not always about how much money you have, or how much space you own. The main developing force is need and usage. A major factor contributing to the success of any project is the designer and their understanding of their client’s need/wants. The best designers take every facet of all the spaces involved and create a marriage that fits both the client and the property. All spaces need access in, out and around. These spaces also need access to adjoining spaces and coordinated appropriately. It all sound so involved but I promise you, begin with a simple folding chair and a cocktail table just to demonstrate usage. Once this view is taken in, everything else begins to develop around it. The simple chair and table can very easily be replaced by more elaborate pieces as life is breathed into the project.

The photos in this article are very simple examples, even though they may not seem like it. The development of any space dealing with and managed along with nature takes time to develop. The outdoor space very similar to the indoor space will evolve and change over time, just like style and trends change. We also need to remember as our inside spaces are cleaned and dusted our outdoor spaces are manicured and maintained.

Much luck to all that venture beyond their front and rear door to create living extensions to their homes.

Take in life, love and nature.

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