Garden Destiny, The Forces Of Nature, Life’s Push And Pull

Planting a tree sets in motion a chain of events that if you were to consider the vastness of the idea you could possibly go insane.

The Tree - Man and nature coming together to create destiny.
The Tree - Man and nature coming together to create destiny. Reach for yours.

Stop right there. Don’t go any farther. If you have the ability to stop your thoughts right her, right now you will be in sync with my mind as I am processing the language that will express that which I want to convey to you. Yes you. The one reading the words on the computer, the tablet, the ipad or any other platform you are working with and viewing my ideas. Now just wait. Don’t be in a rush to move on to the next thought. Let yourself be, in this place, this time with me and be patient. The idea that I have the ability to carry you with me through my words, my language, my ideas, this is where you and I need to be right now at this moment. Breath. In and out and just give me the chance to demonstrate an idea I have been thinking about it seem, my whole life.

Surprise is not in place for us to be shocked or moved or impacted as we so often are, it just happens. SURPRISE! This is one of those opportunities that gives me the chance to reach into myself and pull out a surprise for you to be enlightened by. If you are still with me you have now given me the gift of deliberate pause. Now it is my turn to gift you something. Please re-read the title of this post. One of the words, a combination of words or the entire grouping of words has caused you to read to this point. Re-read the title again and think what it may mean to you. Don’t analyze the words or think too far into the meaning. I would hope you would have an immediate emotional response that coordinates with your mental response and there we are. Connected through language. I can’t begin to tell you much more unless you choose to let me reach out, closer to who you are, what you believe in and want me to share what I think I know. OK? Don’t read on unless you have, even the smallest amount of faith that each and everyone of us has the ability to implement change. Are we still together? I hope.

Garden destiny, the forces of nature, life’s push and pull. We think about these things throughout our lives. When do we think about them? Why do we think about them? Where are we and what occurs that triggers us to consider that which doesn’t seem to have an obvious answer. The journey at this moment is based on the idea that we ponder the question surrounding destiny, nature and the yin and yang; the push and pull.

I have struggled in so many ways throughout my life to understand why things occur as they do. I am no closer to an answer today as when I began questioning this life when I was 12 thinking about suicide. Don’t be shocked. I’m 45 and still with the living even though I dont’ agree with how the majority of people around me live. Who am I to judge? A man still questioning, searching for answers that only produce more questions. Sorry for diverting you away from the first meaningful idea. Breath with me and know that you and I are not alone in our quest to live in a better state of mind. A better world with possibilities that go far beyond our life time spawning hope for our children’s future. I have set out on a journey that continually leads me back to the same place. So many people experience the same phenomenon but don’t recognize it for what it is. It is a test and we are not choosing the correct answers (the actions we are taking are leading us back to the same place over and over and over again). Sounds familiar? It should because Bill Murray was in the movie Grounds Hog Day demonstrating what I have finally come to intellectualize. Now what?

Now I need to ask you a revealing question. What patterns have you repeated over and over and over again that now have you reading my words. If this is where you are and you recognize even a small portion of what I am trying to define, you like me are ready to change course. Right now you need to understand that you won’t alter everything. There is only one way to begin if the changes will be lasting and beneficial. One action or reaction that has repeated itself for many years needs only a slight redirection in action or reaction to make the difference. The number of obstacles that have been in the way for so long begin melting away. The minor adjustment causes us to brush past that which used to be and begins unfolding to an entirely new life to be navigated through. Don’t get weirded out or caught up in the simplicity. Change is only difficult because we are self taught to be unworthy of all the possibilities that we can offer our own lives. Change the way you think and the endless opportunities begin to appear.

What was it I began with, the title of this article? Destiny, nature, push and pull. Plant a tree and the impact for years to come can’t be conceived. You and I can plant that tree, make that choice, behave in that manner that impacts every possibility that can occur. Now tell me what pattern has been diverting you from your destiny. Fear of the unknown will be the only thing preventing you from being happy. What do yo want? Make a choice. Live the life you FEEL you where destined to live. NO BOUNDARIES. Get ready to stretch, be sore, uncomfortable and unsure. We will be ok. Better then OK and everyone around us will be better. Get ready. Life is going to start and it won’t feel comfortable but it will feel right. Good luck.


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