Garden & Landscape Care Before Springtime Flowers (critical longterm care)

How do you prepare gardens and landscapes for springtime? This will be my first gift to everyone for the 2018 growing season.

Most important this time of year is for large trees to be reviewed for hazards and health concerns before leaves emerge.

When a tree gifts you more than just it's life. Take notice
When a tree gifts you more than just it’s life. Take notice

Non flowering ornamental trees like Japanese Maples, Willows and Hornbeams, need a professional’s experience and eye to manage and maintain long-term size and health. Most of the time it is knowing the plant that makes all the difference. How much does a plant grow in a single season? How and where do you prune to maintain the value of specimens in their location? Is fertilization and soil care needed in the process year after year? All the questions have very obvious answers for those who have the patience and time to study and perform plant health care. Are you ready to learn and get to work or do you just want to come home and enjoy lounging in paradise?

Whoever you decide to be know there are garden and tree lovers¬†out there ready to share and serve. If you have questions that need answering, estimates for work to be performed or just an educational walk around your home and neighborhood gardens Michael Rosenberg creates the space and makes time to build relationships that last a lifetime. Like the Whos in Doctor Seuss’s Whoville, I are here, I am here, I am here. My message is simple if only everyone knew I was here to help.

I know it isn’t easy to believe that in today’s world of business and customer care there are those willing to give so much away BUT if you have never met me (Michael Rosenberg) you can’t begin to understand the depths of love and commitment I have to the ornamental design and life of my client’s trees/gardens/landscapes. So what is the message? Know what things cost. Surround yourself with those who know. Expect professionals to show up on time and or call if they are having a problem getting to you. Let someone know the budget and communicate if there are issues with work to be done, work being done or work completed. NEVER PAY IN FULL UNTIL ALL WORK IS COMPLETED TO YOUR SATISFACTION. Unless there is an emergency or an immediate need be patient and enjoy the process. That last idea can save you lots of money year after year.

There you have it. My message to jump start your garden and tree thinking for 2018. But that isn’t all.

The way to prepare would be to get out there, walk around, look up, look down and don’t be afraid. Fear stops us from living a productive life. Nowhere in life is this more evident then in our gardens well except maybe with our health and relationships but that is another article. Staying focused! There is much to be done in March before the springtime arrives. Lets not get distracted.

Crape Myrtles and Silk Trees (Mimosa) need crown shaping and reductions. Japanese Maples and Willows need their sizes and shapes managed. Careful cleaning of the garden beds so as not to disturb all the emerging bulbs and perennials. Roses need deadwood removed and root crowns thinned. Hydrangeas need their deadwood removed and depending on the variety branches are to be reduced to a healthy strong swelling bud. Lawns need lots of care in the Northeastern part of North America. Lots of lime in most areas with supporting fertilizer to encourage root systems. If lawns are very important to you than you are using chemical to keep weeds and other challenges under control. All I ask with lawn care is LESS IS MORE. Less chemicals, less water and invest in systems that support the lawns and gardens you want to maintain year.

Don’t be shy. Google has a plethera¬†of information but from my experience there is nothing like having a warm blooded passionate human being walking with you talking about the world you hold most dear. I look forward to my invitation into your home, your heart, your ideas, hopes and dreams.

Till then be happy, healthy and know help is never far off.

Peace Today – Tomorrow – Always.

Grand View

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