Garden Landscape Design Ideas For New York And The Entire Planetary Garden

Landscapes being cleaned up in New York on Long Island are slow to recognize that spring has arrived.

Here I am looking out the window on the first day in April 2011 and what do I see? Forsythia that doesn’t want to open up for fear of catching a cold. Daffodils hesitant to look outside their shell afraid of what will greet them. Magnolia buds wanting to explode in a celebration of spring but can’t seem to make that final push to emerge due to the wet cold and wind that keeps brushing up against it’s stems. The cold and wet weather does have it’s benefits, it’s just that most people won’t appreciate my perspective. The weather we have been having has given me the opportunity to slow the work pace down. Estimates that need lots of detail have a greater ability to be created without client pressure (the weather dulls most people’s senses).

Ornamental balled Juniper (who will take care of me?)
Ornamental balled Juniper (who will take care of me?)
Diversity in the front garden maintained to never get any larger
Who will prune the Cherry tree, reduce the Hydrangea, manage the Yew hedge by the foundation and make sure the Montgomery Blue Spruce is not overtaken by all the surrounding Material?

Lots of work right now and many new people interested in what I do and how I do it. I have recently met a number of people who need my Landscape Management Program. If you don’t know what it is I will include a definition of the service in the next paragraph or two. I have seen so many properties the past few weeks and they all demonstrate similar neglect. It is not easy to define the neglect I have witnessed, just to say gardens that had such hope when originally planted have lost their desire to live in their man made environments. Why do I say this you ask? Most landscapers are not equipped with the properly trained pruners to manage most mixed planted gardens on Long Island properties. If you are lucky enough to have a company that has a sensitive and experienced ornamental pruner (which is what most properties need to keep their landscapes from growing up and out of control) that landscape company can’t spend the proper amount of time on any one client’s property without sacrificing some of their others. And the last point here centers around the diversity of plant material most homeowners choose to have on their property without considering how many different times of year different  plant materials need to be pruned. You could prune Winged Euonymus at the same time as yo prune your Yew hedges but you will be forcing one of the planting groups to change their growing habits (will you be prepared in 5 years when your walkway is compromised by 25% because of improper timing of the pruning?). Most landscapers don’t set realistic expectations for their clients. They don’t want to. If they did, they may loose the opportunity to perform more work in a few years and make some more money. This is where Plant With Me comes in with it’s Landscape Management Programs.

The Landscape Management Program is designed to be used as a longterm problem solving and solutions tool. The goal would be for the Landscaping Designer/Arborist to become the property’s surrogate homeowner (Caretaker).

*Michael Rosenberg will visit your property a minimum of 3 times every month. Each visit will be about identifying problems, attending to homeowner concerns and developing cost efficient solutions to short-term and long-term goals.

*During a visit notes and photos may be taken, some light pruning and plant fixes may be performed (nothing requiring a crew so as not to incur any additional costs for the homeowner).

*Any and all landscaping and irrigation concerns are addressed by Michael and his office by communicating with the companies the homeowner has contracted (Mowing lawn, spraying trees and gardens and fixing irrigation system). Plant With Me will followup with all concerns and the companies that manage those areas of concern until issues are resolved.

*When needed Michael will communicate with the homeowner to get authorization to do recommended work and or to bring attention to new issues.

*Plant With Me’s Landscape Management Program has been designed to increase efficiency and avoid the development of future concerns around the property. The program has demonstrated greatest success after the first full season and Plant With Me has lived and learned as the property develops.

That’s it. Clean and neat. The only thing left in the hands of any homeowner is the ability to make certain decisions. Taking the leap of faith and letting go of some of the control is very difficult for some people. The idea is to educate and give homeowners the opportunity to see the process of what you do and how you do it. Not everyone will be able to see the benefits. Not everyone needs such care and attention to detail. Who are you and what do you need. Plant With Me wants to know and take responsibility for some of your happiness.

Pictures will follow in the next couple days.

Everyone get excited, the weather is about to break and I think it will break fast so hold on tight.

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