Garden Management: Neglecting The Trees, Gardens and General Landscape Wastes Money

Garden management saves time, increases value and improves quality of life. Neglecting your gardens, trees and plants can lead to tremendous waste in money and time (growing time).

If you know me you know my passion for creating the sustainable growing environment. In an ever increasing contrived gardening world the long term goal has to be about matching the correct garden/landscape design with the right property owner. So many designers, architects, contractors and even homeowners think they know best when the truth is most miss the long term target. Immediate gratification takes over and grand plans are engaged with minimal expectations on how to appropriately manage the fantasy gardens and landscapes drawn up on paper or computer. I do admit that I love pictures and mock-ups of grand designs. What I despise is the lack of foresight as it refers to caring for Monet’s gardens. Fields of dreams much of the time should remain fantasies engaged strictly by the wealthy or the funded arboretums. For the average homeowner does not have the time or money to engage in such adventures. Not to say it shouldn’t be attempted.

My goal with Plant With Me has always been about finding that magical place between garden reality and garden fantasy. There is a reason I engage my existing clients and my new clients with so many questions. I am constantly telling those who meet with me that I see thousands of ideas that could enhance their properties. The only problem is I don’t come home to their properties. I have my own garden to come home to and care for. I inquire about needs first then wants. I ask about what people are committed to managing. What prospective clients would consider to be a realistic budget for annual tree and garden care. Screening, form, color, texture, sunrise, sunset, shade, full sun, flowers, topography, layering, hardscape, water features, sculptures, movement, pathways, negative space, irrigation, outdoor living areas, pools, sound systems, lighting and so much more is secondary after what are people willing to care for when the circus leaves town and property owners are left to manage their new living, growing, breathing adventures on their own. This is what sets Plant With Me apart from everyone else.

You could say I develop extremely close relationships with both people and their landscapes/gardens. I am the surrogate caregiver to both. I need to know and understand what expectations have to be met. Please don’t think this to be strange or unusual. For thousands of years grand estates around the world have engaged in property management practices. A grounds-keeper would keep the property with all it’s trees and gardens safe and healthy. A caretaker would engage in setting budgets, hiring workers and overseeing staff to maintain order in a world challenged by chaos attempting to disrupt at a moments notice. Plant With Me cares about controlling the uncontrollable. In a man made world creating and maintaining paradise is Plant With Me’s greatest mission. So if you desire to surround yourself with paradise, please give me the opportunity to help you get there. If you are already there let Plant With Me manage your dream so as not to become a nightmare. Taking the journey can be as great as arriving at the destination.

Living, loving, learning throughout the process of life. Take the opportunity to see the potential. PEACE

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