Garden Restoration Verses Personal Renewal: How Do They Compare?

How do we fix gardens and landscapes that have seen better days and how does that relate to the lives we live?

The new year, 2012, is upon us and what is it we wanted to change in our lives? What have we seen around our landscapes we just can’t prioritize? Were there new years resolutions? Why do we have to wait for the new year, to make those changes? These questions all relate to how we have chosen to live our lives. The key word as you can tell is chosen. So the next thought that pops into my head is what occurs, past experiences and behavior patterns, that shape the decisions we make? Now this I’m interested in. I have had a number of repeating patterns in my life that have caused me to make similar choices moving me in the same circle my whole life. Only now after years of not being happy I come to the crossroads where I have the opportunity to redirect the way in which I live.

Anyone who has followed my writing knows I have had a number of struggles and hurdles that have given me the chance to improve the way I choose to live. I find it interesting that traumatic events have to take place to wake up the complacency. The simple action of rattling the cage, new perspective is gained giving rise to alternative possibilities. All this stuff I have written here so far is closely related to the environment that surrounds us. Too often, only after disaster strikes, we become sensitive to our impact in and around the places we live. I think it is time for most intelligent thoughtful people to begin making daily resolutions, not waiting for symbolic moments to wipe the slate clean and start anew.

Time as a commodity is quite valuable and to waste time waiting for disaster to hit or a specific moment to come upon us is decedent and wasteful. If we are to initiate change to improve our selves or the properties we live on, thought and action needs to begin immediate. I know I am beginning to sound like a motivational speaker, evangelical leader or some self help guru but there is a reason these people are out there and making a living guiding others. Too often people can’t see the many possibilities they have available to them. I believe I have learned how to redirect my own life and gardens in the direction of greater health. I also have the ability to care for others that struggle with caring for themselves. I believe these developed qualities give me the sensitivity to help others see their own potentials, and that of their gardens and landscapes.

Life in Mind: Restore Your Gardens – Restore Your Life is my gift to all those people who haven’t been able to guide themselves in the directions they feel they should have gone. My ability to see how things can be and then actually develop an understanding of the process to get there is what I will define for everyone to practice. This road map of garden and personal restoration back to a healthy state won’t be, get rich quick or 30 days to a smaller waist. The work to be done here will be layer upon layer of recognizing the missing pieces. What is interesting you will find is that you have all the pieces to complete the job. Where most people, for lack of a better word, fail, is their ability to believe they have all the pieces and then the action of placing the pieces where they need to be. The courage to change to benefit yourself will coincide with how it will benefit everyone and everything you care about.

Change can be daunting because there are unknowns that lie beyond what we have come to know as our everyday lives and behaviors. Most people run into this wall and turn back thinking they have to scale this wall. I see the wall and I say just walk by the wall until you find an opening to let you through. Along the wall’s journey you will begin recognizing pieces that evaded you for years and with this new awareness discover the simple fact that change is part of healthy living, not to be feared. This is where I need to refer to previous articles. Articles that define steps to be taken, even before obvious change can occur. Like looking at an old landscape and seeing what time and age have done too it. At what level has it been maintained and has it developed as the original plan demonstrated. Most landscape/garden designs have gone astray.

This is a great point to reflect on. Consider the choices and compromises you have made. Realize what you may be hesitant about and accept the life you have lived so you can evolve beyond it without regret. Please re-read these 3 practice points. Without these tools our gardens will remain as is and our lives won’t have a chance to fly above the clouds. Want to fly, practice living. I will be back to give myself a chance to share and grow with you again.

Peace till we intersect again. 2012 will be a banner years for us all.┬áDon’t dismiss death as a natural part of life and our ability to use those experiences to be better people.

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