Garden Structures Transforming Landscapes: Augmenting Natures Outdoor Living Spaces

Garden structures transform landscapes while augmenting natures outdoor living spaces. For many it is hard to imagine how pieces of nature and man made elements combine to create inviting environments. At this moment you don’t need to imagine. The following picture(s) will give you that which you may not be able to see on your own.

Arbor designed for additional outdoor living space.
Arbor designed for additional outdoor living space.

The Structure in the photo has been designed with a 9 foot ceiling and special ground supports for the installation of a hanging bench (that will face the house). This arbor is not an original idea in this location. There used to be a smaller structure in this location. The old vine support was blown down last October by a strong windstorm. This arbor was envisioned to draw people away from the deck area and into the gardens. The existing vines (Trumpet Vines) that were on the old arbor have begun the pruning restoration process, having been thinned and reduced, so as to be trained and tied into the new structure. Additional vines planted on the outside corner posts are Schizophragma hydrangeoides ‘Moonlight’ and a trio of 3 different Clematis.

The bench will have a weight load rating of about 800 pounds (3 adults). The reason for such a high rating is more for safety then anything else. The bench will be the first visual stop from the outside and 2 feet above the back of the bench the vines will be naturally trained, horizontally, as a natural screen. The vines timetable to fully develop and be trained as a screen is about 3 years. Some people would consider installing lattice for privacy screening, but in this situation with the installation of a bench, the lattice work would need too much maintenance and management with the diversity of vines planted. With this project patience and vision need to be in place for the greatest possible success. Luckily I have patience and vision and my client has faith that what I say will become a reality. My client is a gardener and like most gardeners has patience and fortitude (lucky me).

The rest of the article will demonstrate through pictures some of the stages in building this arbor. Enjoy.



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