Gardening First Steps: Better To Have Loved And Lost

Gardening’s first step for homeowners without a plan should be viewed like, “better to have loved and lost then never to have planted at all.”

As property owners we need to take the initiative and find one tree or plant we have seen and just place it somewhere in the ground. Why is this so important is the wrong question to be asking. How does this make a difference in my life is a much better response. One of the most important things we can do throughout our lives and the time we have on this planet is to make a positive impact. There are so many ways we can go about impacting our world, our communities and our properties. For this article I need to focus on the plant world and how it effects the way we live and breath. The air we breath, the green in our surrounding community, the amount of life a tree gives off throughout it’s lifetime are just a few of the benefits of trees. Plants improve and contribute to the overall health of our environment and our lives. I don’t need to go into all the scientific environmental reasons or the physical and emotional benefits of plants, all everyone needs to understand is they make a difference.

It is this fundamental reason why everyone needs to make the effort and put some type of lasting living reminder in the ground around their home or community. As a species we have learned through different experiences how trees impact our world and studies have been done demonstrating the mental and emotional benefits to individuals that are exposed to trees and gardens compared to those not exposed. Life is about connections and what better connection can anyone have than planting a young tree and watching it develop and grow. The only comparison I can make that can have as much or more impact then planting a tree would be having and raising a child. Better to have loved and lost. It is all about the choices we make and the lives we choose to live. HOW DO YOU WANT TO BE REMEMBERED? This question is critical for all those who challenge and question why we are here.

So, why are we here. I don’t want to offend anyone but I need to ask everyone to consider taking G-D out of the picture for the rest of this article and I would ask everyone to take responsibility for how they have decided to pursue their needs and wants. In reflection, we have the ability to learn how to see what we have done without judging ourselves. Like all self awareness, the results of our journey are found in the efforts made along the way. In today’s article I ask everyone to consider just one person outside themselves who may benefit from the planting of a tree in or around your home. I would hope everyone has someone they would like to give something back to. Once you have that individual in mind now consider how they would feel if you planted something with them in mind. What impact do you thing your action of offering and then planting a tree may have on this person? The impact could be life changing. The ripple effects from this action will possibly resonate for years to come. Now there is a positive impact in a world of diminishing hope and faith.

I have two children and if I can give them or teach them anything, it would be that they need to make their mark on the world. It can be as simple as holding someones hand to demonstrate love and support or as grand as donating millions of dollars, to a cause that needs money, to advance our knowledge and understanding. You don’t need to fully comprehend all that I am saying. I do ask everyone to consider planting a tree somewhere that you can watch and follow it’s development. It is all about the connections. The people we meet. The people we love. The people we help. The choices we make. All these things change our world. It’s time to make a greater impact and watch it’s lasting effects on our physical world.

May all your choices enrich your lives and everyone’s lives around you. Good luck, good health and don’t wait so long that you lose the chance to experience the difference you can make. Peace from my world to your. Today – Tomorrow – Always.

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