Gardening, Health And Relationships: What Can We All Do?

Healthy gardens, healthy lifestyle and healthy relationships, what can we do to cultivate them and yield results that make us proud and help us to move forward for 2017?

This question more than any other has me thinking on every imaginable level. Every day I interact with any of these parts of my life I am in constant assessment mode. After all these years building upon a mountain of ideas I still have few universal answers. I have benefited from all the experiences. The magnitude of diversity in the garden and landscape has demonstrated the varying ways to manage and approach a multitude of environemtnal facets. The unique and special people I have had the honor of meeting and knowing has helped me gain understanding and sensitivity to the diversity that we have on our planet. Being a son, a brother, a friend, a husband and father has and continues to train me on the needs of the community closest to me. By the way this is the community we most deny, are stingy with and take for granted (thinking they will always be there). They may not always be there so wake up.

So what can I do to continue getting the yields out of the soil, the balance and consistency in my self care and a constant awareness keeping my radar in tune with those most important to me. Here is a hint: Through reflecting right here right now I am creating awareness. This awareness creates thoughts and ideas in the front of my thinking mind. This first process gets me halfway through my immediate goal of cultivating positive pathways to move me forward. The trick here is to remember that others can not read my mind and I have to put the work in communicating with the surrounding world to get the first few desired daily results. The results will be gradual at best so patience and reflection have to keep things in motion. Soil needs constant review, diet and activity must be prepared for and relationships need to be honored and communicated with. Nothing can be shorted if you want to move forward with few regrets. Baggage is always picked up and we need to put out the trash every day.

I can not speak for you my constant reader but I have repeating patterns that have guided me through life. I can’t deny my genetic predisposition yet I have power over choices and how I respond to the cause and effect of it all. If you believe this life is built upon fate or destiny then you can sit back relax and enjoy the ride. Once you learn the power of the mind, the choice and how even accidents are opportunities to advance forward life takes a turn in your favor. Wishes no longer need be made upon a shooting star as dreams begin to emerge from behind the curtains. The power is in the ability to believe we have that which is needed. Knowledge is freedom. New life begins with letting go of ┬árestraints our minds have created up to now. Belief has got to be the hardest thing a forward thinker can do. When the belief is in yourself and the ultimate power is not outside but within an entirely new language develops. Lets begin here and see how far you can go.

I was walking on the side of the road and as I walked I stepped into the grass and then back onto the concrete pavement. The impact between the differing surfaces was apparent. The grass had some impact absorption while the concrete demonstrated little forgivness. I eventually decided to walk as much as possible on the grass. The grass had greater resistance, taking more of my energy, yet gave me comfort along the way. Each surface began to demonstrate it’s unique benefits. After walking the grass for a while I longed for the concrete. The hard surface with it’s unforgiving strength reflected my stride moving me along much faster. I learned very quickly how to navigate between the two surfaces to benefit my journey as a whole. As in all parts of life each part of the path I chose gave me options and benefits. It was I who needed to walk the path to understand and learn from it. Here lies the initial lesson.

Once you decide what it is you believe, independent of all previous imprinting, create your own doctrine to begin living by. There are no set rules limiting you and your beliefs. You now have only your genetic personality as a foundation to build upon. Once you define your first few beliefs create universal laws by which you will practice those ideas. Keep things as simple as possible. The question here is how clearly can you think, organize and un-clutter your mind to build the steps to meet your needs. Take pause here and consider all that has been put fort. Your turn to begin writing. My turn to go silent. Good Luck till we pass one another again.


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