Gardening In The Rain In New York On Long Island In The Huntington Area

Welcome to Gardening in the Rain in and around Long Island in New York. I must first tell everyone that I have finished and posted my first demonstration video, which you can find @#mce_temp_url# or

Hinoki Cypress (pruning in the video link)
Hinoki Cypress (pruning in the video link)

August is upon us with lots of rain in the air and forecast. So people ask me what do you do in the rain. The easiest answer is to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Look out the windows to your lawn and gardens, mowed, pruned, fertilized and managed for days that don’t give you many working options in the dirt. I still say that there is work to be done. The easiest thing on a rainy day is weeding. Make sure you have on you waterproof boots, pants and jacket. The same outfit you go fishing in when trying to catch salmon. I can say this because I have done it and it is so much fun being in the water, pole in hand and not getting wet (unless like me, one time when I fell over into the rive like a weeble and got water inside my wadding pants). This was funny to everyone, except for me.

So in review:  Water proof shoes, pants, jacket and large rimmed hat and you are ready to work outside in the rain (drizzle or downpour you should be ready).

There are other things to do on a rainy day other then weeding except it shouldn’t be done in the garden where you can easily disturb the many beneficial insects protecting themselves from the waterlogged soil conditions. Plant research, garden planing, fertilization reviews, pruning and maintenance schedules and so many other ways in which to busy yourself, preparing for the next gardening adventure. Until we meet or speak or communicate again, I wish everyone foliage and flowers that make you stop for a moment in amazement.

Foliage and Flower from a Hibiscus that wants to be noticed
Hibiscus for the growing season in New York (Annual)

Flowers in Cancun Mexico (nice)
Flowers in Cancun Mexico (nice)
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