Gardening Journal Tracking the Plant And Tree Development Through Pictures, Digital Age

Tracking the development of plants and trees around your property should be a pastime all people should engage in. OK, now that I got the key first line of my article in place for Google to recognize me I can begin to have fun with all those people who visit the gardening world inside my mind. No one really could imagine the insanity going on in an artist’s mind. I say this because there is such a diversity in the way we all think, react and function to exist in such a fast pace information rich world.

A garden Walkway begin to emerge.
A garden Walkway begin to emerge.
Where can garden walkways be created? ANYWHERE!
Where can garden walkways be created? ANYWHERE!


As an artist I see things. In therapy last week, yes I am in therapy (healthy aren’t I?) my therapist commented on my thoughts about clarity. I always look out into the world and see people clouded and unfocused. Wanting, wanting and more wanting without the ability to see or recognize the process. My doc says that my saying that I can see so clearly while so many others around me can’t gives me the opportunity to separate and protect myself from the outside world. I thought this was such an interesting perspective and needed to bring it up today. I do see myself separating myself from most people and using whatever tools necessary to accomplish this. In retrospect I want to understand this part of my daily routine. I feel as though if I can gain a greater understanding of this I won’t just have a clarity on the world outside of me but how I function with that world as well.

Bla bla bla bla bla. You can’t tell me this is really interesting to my readers. I talk about plants so much and now I talk about the developing ME. Maybe, just maybe through my personal process of renewal and understanding of myself and how I have come to be, the way that I am I can benefit someone else through their own process. I will say that I am an artist in every way and have the ability now to begin accepting who I am and where I have come from. Awareness is the first step for me and then acceptance. I don’t exactly know what my next move will be but I am beginning to understand the importance of staying organized in my daily life and letting life, at times, just take me over. I can be a little intense.

Talking about intense, I was out with a crew yesterday managing a planting/garden restoration job in Dix Hills, NY and discovered an interesting thing about myself that now, right now makes me think how far I have come in just the last sixteen months. I had 3 men with me and we were planting, amending soil with composted humus from a nearby woodlot, creating water catches for new plants on a hill (a water catch is a ring around a plant made out of the existing soil and mulch to prevent run-off of the water away from the new rootball), mulching the entire property and performing a crown cleaning of all the evergreens around the property (removing all dead, dying or diseased plant material). Well, to get to the point, I have thoughts in my mind as to how exactly to do things and I, at times, am amazed at how much others don’t know about basic planting and garden techniques. Even my guys who have been doing planting with me for a number of years now don’t get it. WHAT? You don’t know what I am talking about.


Anything worth doing needs to be carefully thought out and managed so as not to waste time and effort. People sometimes ask why it is I am more expensive than others. It isn’t that I am more expensive. Over time the value of the job I perform actually conserves money, maintains the value of the properties I work on. What else would a homeowner want. My goal would be to come up with a plan, with the flexibility to alter that plan if things warrant it and then step by step engage in a practice that will bring the plan to a natural conclusion (at least for that moment, that plan). No plan ever has a true end, especially when dealing with a world in motion growing every moment. I have to go now but will return and complete this idea that seems to have no ending. LIFE IN MIND, Breathing Trees. Don’t forget the charitable organization I will be developing to replant the planet, one community at a time. Everyone find that happy place, reach out and share that moment with someone else.

Until next time, be well, at peace and strong in heart and mind.

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