Gardening Magic Begins With Pruning Your Existing Ornamental Trees, Beginning In March!

Gardening Magic Begins With Pruning Your Existing Ornamental Trees, Beginning In March! Don’t be fooled by the weather. Cold or warm, snow, sleet or rain, it doesn’t matter what mother nature brings down on our trees and gardens we need to engage and take control of our landscapes destiny.

Winter in New York Keeping the trees from overgrowing.

In a world designed by men and women we need to be the active participants on behalf of the life outside our windows. Large trees need to be reduced and thinned. Ornamental trees need to be shaped with their size controlled to maintain their balance with the structures they enhance. Woody ornamentals and valuable ornamental trees need deadwood removed and the overall health and wellness of the soil around root-crowns reviewed. All of this must be managed before the 3rd week of April. Anyone who chooses not to put the work in is reducing the value of the landscapes that bring magic into our gardening lives.

I am done preaching. Actions speak louder than words. I will be managing my own trees and landscapes beginning this week. Plant With Me will begin caring for its customer’s and friend’s landscapes and trees March 11th, 2019. Anyone who would like my eyes on their surrounding landscape please reach out sooner then later so I may most effectively serve and help you with your paradise. The best way to reach me would be through the website via email. Anyone who would like a quicker response can text me at the business number 516-860-5131.

Be bold, Be true, Be kind – RENEW.

Find it, Cherish it, Share it.

Knowledge is built on a foundation of Experience.

Be bold, be true, be fair but not blue. Find it, Cherish it, Share it.

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