Gardens, Envisioning The Future: The Beginning Of Coming Home To Paradise

The gardens designed by dreams begins with Envisioning the Future. Where in the garden do you want to be and what will be there with you?

Alice In Wonderland or Wendy in Neverland with Peter and Tinker-bell. These are the gardens manifested by our dreams and imaginations. Where have you been, what have you seen that you would want to come home to. This is where we begin before we journey into the creation of our own paradise. Free thinking is the way to begin capturing the ideas. For those who struggle with pulling the visions out of their head grab a variety of magazines and go to town cutting and ripping. Pictures do speak volumes and why should rules apply? They shouldn’t, not in the beginning of creation. Take the clay in hand and just play with it until something begins forming. That is what I imagine G-D did. Playing with the cosmos just waiting for life to happen.

There is a need to satisfy and experience has formed an opinion. Throw down the gauntlet and answer the basic questions. Three features you can’t live without, why you can’t live without them, what is it about these features that feed your soul? Well maybe one last question. If all these features were in a garden design you came home to every day how would that make you feel? NOW the work has to be put in to clarify your vision. The future garden you will have a relationship with. Not to rush you but remember that this is only the first of many steps to achieving opportunity for success. Accountability and commitment will be challenged along the way. Staying on task and planning the process will serve as your greatest allis.

OK my friends now I let you free to explore and create. Your future awaits. Your dreams awaken piece by piece through Envisioning the Future. NOW FLY!

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