Gardens, Landscapes, Planting and Pruning On Long Island, New York properties

Planting and pruning your landscapes or gardens on Long Island, New York properties is a challenge more then ever before.

As I drive around the different neighborhoods on Long Island, if it’s Old Westbury, East Northport, Roslyn, Plainview, Huntington Bay, Brookville, Smithtown, Glen Cove, Head Of The Harbor, Laurel Hollow, Melville, Fort Solonga or Commack (where I live), just a few of the towns I do work in, the number of plants installed and the diversity of plant material involved must have the majority of Landscape companies scratching their heads. What is that tree and how do I maintain it? If you suspect this is what your landscaper is thinking, you better find someone who knows your plants and how they will respond to pruning. If you leave it up to your very nice but ignorant landscaper you will begin loosing the value of your initial landscape investment (after 5 years).

I don’t think most people installed all these plants and spent all their money to have it grow away at the inexperienced hands of most landscape crews (mow and blow company). Now this article will not revisit many of the things discussed in the past concerning gardens overgrowing. This article will be short and sweet. Here it is in a nutshell.

How many years are you going to be in your house? How much property do you have and what have you done already? What else would you like to accomplish to meet your garden and landscape goals? What is the value to you, to maintain the gardens and trees at the highest possible level?

These questions can only be answered by each and every one of us individually based on our own needs, expectations and experiences. Answer these questions before you install or enhance your properties gardens/landscapes and your homeowners experience will be that much more enjoyable. That’s it. The reason for all these questions is about trying to focus everyone down to their basic needs and wants so as to avoid future disappointments and wasted time and money. This has always been my goal. For all who pass through my minds ideas, this has been my mission. On that note, short and sweet was my goal because this time of year I don’t have the time to do more then that. Anyone who needs my perspective, my ideas, my opinion, my help, please don’t hesitate to email me, call me, text me and give me the opportunity to help you find peace in and around your property.

Be well, be happy, be green and blue and yellow and purple and don’t settle for anything less than that which will make you fell at home where you live. Cranesbill is popping, yellow Loosestrife is in full flower and Peonies have begun to unfold. Anyone who has Knockout Roses should be happy to see all the color. Any one who lives around American Sycamores is dealing with Anthracnose. Insects like scale are in and around our landscapes but not as severe (for the most past) as it was last year at this time. Pruning of Azaleas and Rhododendrons should be done in the next few weeks if not done already and don’t let your ornamental flowering trees get any larger and out of control. In a man made environment, take responsibility and don’t be afraid to be the boss of your piece of paradise.

Until next time, xxooxxooxxooxxooxxooxxooxxooxxooxxooxxooxxooxxooxxooxxoo, we can never have enough of these.

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