Growing Gardens To Develop The Balance Between Living Spaces and Growing Spaces

The balance within a garden between elements is fragile. Plants, paths, rocks and objects all come together to demonstrate different aspect of life. Looking closely into, through and around gardens can be very telling. What is it you allow yourself to see or take the time to witness. Today I turned 45 years old and I am proud to say I am an active participant in my own life. In review of the past year I can honestly say I have begun walking the path I was intended to travel on. Not to say I wasn’t on the right track. My life’s path and experiences prepared me for this destiny. As I restore the gardens around Long Island, I restore myself.

Everyone reading this article does not need to fully understand what I am expressing but my gift to myself and everyone out there today is awareness. Awareness is gaining a wider view of the space we each occupy and then recognizing how we fit into that space. In reading the last couple sentences you might be hesitating to continue, but why? The language is strange, the approach is foreign, my forward artistic nature is too challenging? What is it stopping you from reflecting on your life and how you contribute to it? I’ll stop there because most people don’t believe in anything deeply enough to see or feel the depth of what I am proposing (not to say most people aren’t able to turn their view inward, it just takes a great commitment acknowledging the truth about ourselves).

The truth is, at times I struggle with my own truths and how to move forward with them. There is your first hint. What is the truth? Identify this through writing all those things about yourself that you are proud of and then all those things your ashamed of. This exercise is for each of us privately and after completing it determining how to MOVE FORWARD. I UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH WE ALL NEED TO PROVE TO SOMEONE OUT THERE THAT MAY NOT HAVE HAD FAITH IN WHAT WE COULD ACCOMPLISH. NO MATTER, IT IS TIME TO HAVE FAITH IN OURSELVES, BREAKING THE CHAINS THAT BOND US TO OUR DOUTS, CREATING AN OPPORTUNITY FOR US TO BEGIN THE JOURNEY AWAY FROM NEVER-ENDING QUESTIONS AND INTO A WORLD OF ANSWERS.

I stop here for today and hope everyone takes the time to slow down, widen their view and accept what you see as you decide how to move forward with your new perspective. Peace my brothers and sisters.

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