How Gardens Grown And Develop All Depends On The Human Touch

How do gardens develop is my topic of the hour. To keep this article clear and clean I will lay out some focus questions that everyone needs to consider before addressing how gardens develop.

For the purpose of this article Gardens will be defined as, deliberately chosen areas with plants in and or around  said areas.

Now for the questions. Is the planted area mass planted with the same material or with a diversity of material? Has this garden ever been pruned or fertilized? Are the plants in the garden evergreens, woody ornamentals, trees, perennials or a mix of plant? Do you prune the garden yourself or have someone else do it for you? Was the original garden over-planted, underplanted or just right? Is the garden a raised bed, a stand alone garden or coordinated with other gardens? How long has the garden(s) been planted? These questions are some of the most important to consider when thinking about how garden’s grow and develop.

Most people can’t afford to have a full time caretaker on their property managing and maintaining their gardens and landscapes. These are the people I am writing for. The reason I make a point to focus here is due to the fact that most landscapers don’t know your property as well as you do and because of this will disappoint and have a difficult time meeting the average homeowners expectations. Now is the time to consider what your goals need to be to help your gardens develop the way YOU would like them too. It is your property with your plants and you need to decide how you would like them to look. Once you know what you want you can begin figuring out how to get there. Gardens will go wild with stronger more invasive plants demonstrating their dominance over the week. I hope you didn’t spend your hard earned money to watch mother nature take back what is naturally hers.

If you haven’t noticed yet, there are no pictures in this article. I must tell you that is no accident. Pictures here and now would just be a distraction and we don’t need any distractions while trying to figure out how to help our gardens grow. I sometimes wish people could see what is in my head and how I see the world of gardens. My view runs in a multitude of directions with very few conceptual limitations. I dismiss nothing, leave judgement at the curb and consider how I am not the owner of most gardens. I take into consideration most facets that have shaped the existing gardens and what each homeowner has experienced in the past that has brought me to their door to look at their gardens and landscape. Once I establish what people want, I carefully figure out how and if I can actually assist them with their gardens. Some people have a hard time trusting others with their most valuable things. This I don’t blame anyone for. Letting go of control can be daunting yet exhilarating. I have seen homeowners burdens lifted after experiencing me on their property. I love plants, gardens and the process of developing plants within landscaped environments.

Now most people should be ready for me to review and assess what they have. Understanding what you need for Plant With Me to help manage the development of your gardens for you to regain the appreciation of what you have. It all sounds so easy but in reality the process is intense and at times overwhelming. No one can imagine the dynamics that go into figuring out how to ask the right questions to get the most comprehensive answers to achieve the goal of Helping Your Gardens Grow. If it was easy everyone would do it themselves. It isn’t easy and there is great value in knowing how a variety of plants grow and develop after pruning and what the soil structure needs to be to sustain the life of the plants put into the ground.

I hope this wasn’t too eclectic and you had the ability to draw what you needed out of my language. In short, know what you want, understand what you need and who can help you accomplish your balance with nature. Until all that is overgrows and reclaims the planet, Plant With Me is waiting in the wings to play our part in the restoration and development of your personal paradise.

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