Layered Gardens for Outdoor Living Spaces Bringing Serenity

Garden design for outdoor living spaces creates Zen-like serenity in shade, full sun or everything in between. The question is which word in that first sentence resonates with you.

Layered HeaderPick the word and then your on your way. Outdoor, living, Zen, serenity, shade, sun, garden, design, spaces. Which word you choose begins your personal journey. Where the word takes you is an entirely different article. Right now we are talking about layering in the garden to create unique places we can escape the insanity of every day life. If you are ready I will begin with my choice of words.. Serenity.

Serenity for me is where the full moon stretches out from behind a cloud slowly exposing it’s magical glow. If lucky we have an event of hide and seek as the moon dances in and out of the arms of clouds in the nighttime sky. Now the next thing the scene needs is a small breeze that tiptoes through the trees creating a backdrop of rustling leaves that crescendo in waves. The final piece of the puzzle is the creation of sacred space. A theater that creates opportunity to witness miracles. This is where the layered garden demonstrates it’s power and subtleties.

Layered gardens need frames. I always like defining the frame that our serenity, our outdoor living space, our gardens will be protected by. If it be mixed evergreens, a single specimen hedge, a fence with mixed woody ornamentals, perennials mass planted for drama, ornamental grasses or a combination of these things. All the knowledge that is needed is your desire to be creative and curious. The actual information to design and implement is at everyones fingertips. Patience and time are the core elements to creating serenity in the garden. With that I will bid you all a good day and hope you return to the garden in my mind.


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