Learn From The Expert: Garden Design, Garden Management, Pruning and Plant Care

Classes for Gardening and Landscaping in the Northeastern USA. How do I manage and maintain my gardens for longterm care and value? This is the ultimate inquiry that Michael Rosenberg @ Plant With Me works to achieve every day, out and about in his and his clients gardens and landscapes.

Hi everyone. It has been a while and I am back to send a clear message to all those who have asked me if I teach gardening and landscaping workshops . The simple answer is yes. I teach and tutor individuals who want to learn the foundations of Landscape and garden management. My masters in education, 13 years in the green industry, an accomplished tree designer, a love of trees and plants coupled with my knowledge of turf and garden design have prepared me to transfer what I know to others. The basic coursework prepares individuals to live and breath the process of outdoor care, maintenance and management.

The Garden Tutoring Program is designed to teach and get work done on your own property, all at the same time. The first thing you must do is call me and set up a time to meet and review your needs. In one simple phone call both you and I will know if the value of this program will benefit you. The basic tutoring program is 3 class session about 80 minutes each. Included in the program is a property review with realistic expectations of what you would like to learn and accomplish on your property. I will be blunt and honest in determining if the value of my program will benefit you. I do believe that there are those who would be more successful having others manage things for them.

To explain anything further would be a waste of everyone’s time. If your interested in hearing more about my educational gardening program please don’t hesitate to contact me at 516-692-1138.

Thank you for the inquiry and good luck with whatever path you choose to follow. Garden well and don’t miss the changing of the seasons. Peace.

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