Leaves Clapping Hands

We look out into our gardens and we see so much and miss most of the subtitles. I have so many different types of trees, evergreens, woody ornamentals, perennials, bulbs and vines on my property there are always things that are missed. But this note to you today is not about what I missed but what nature shared with me. Leaves clapping hands and I can’t tell you how revealing this moment was.

I was standing on my small deck outside my second room window, looking through my Crimson King Maple (Acer Plantanoides – Norway Maple), almost 80% leafed out when all of a sudden the wind passes over the roof line and into the back of my head and I hear it, tis,tis,tis,tis,tis,tis,tis. I don’t think much of it while I viewed the landscape below. Reviewing  all the different Ferns, Hostas, Virginia Blue Bells, Bleeding Hearts and so many other emerging plants. It fills my ears even louder as I can’t help but turn around. It is a few leaves huddled together as if protecting one another from the cold. The irony is this has been the warmest day of the year (86 degrees for May 2).

I focus closer and amongst the group of leaves there are 2 leaves dancing in the wind joined by a perfectly timed breeze that creates this demonstration. You wouldn’t be able to grasp the idea unless you witnessed it first hand but let me tell you it was special. All for me at that one moment the tree was applauding itself, its neighbors, and me. A single human being with the ability to view it, understand it, appreciate it and share it with you today.

I hadn’t been drinking or altering my state of mind in any way. I was just lucky enough to be in the moment, open enough to let the tree share with me one of it’s glorious pleasures, blowing in the breeze. And how did the tree get my attention? It was as simple as clapping it’s leaves together. It wasn’t a rustling of the leaves. It was a clap and I wish you were all there with me to witness natures demonstration (shouting out, “I am here”). Now that I have seen, what will I do to speak for the trees?

Here is my true theme. What will I, and each one of you, do today to speak for those that can not speak for themselves. Toady it’s all the trees, tomorrow it’s the children and maybe someday each of us will need someone to speak for us. Today we have a voice. What will we say?  What will we do? Shame on us for thinking and not acting. One simple act in our own home makes a difference.


You choose.

Michael Rosenberg, a NYS Certified Arborist, is the Owner of Plant With Me, Inc., a 10 year old landscape restoration and design company located in Huntington, NY. Michael is the publisher ofwww.plantwithme.com, a gardening resource for homeowners and gardeners. For more information about Plant With Me, please call 516-860-5131, email landscapelove100@gmail.com. I also encourage you to continue your journey through this gardeners mind @ www.plantwithme.com.

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