Leaves Falling, Use Them – Don’t Abuse Them

High everyone. I am going to cut to the chase because I am in no mood to be fun or funny or polite.

USE THEM – DON’T ABUSE THEM. The leaves fall and then are removed off most people’s properties. People excessively water their propertiesis after the winter and people go out and buy mulch to protect and cover the soil.

Well what about protecting the soil throughout the winter. What about all the beneficial insects that rely on the leaves and how they breakdown in a natural environment. Without the leaves insulating the soil throughout the winter, many aspects of our trees and plants suffer. Lets begin the lesson

Without getting too technical, the leaves, which can be mowed and mulched up so they appear ascetically pleasing, act as natures blanket over the soul surrounding our plants. In the soil there are a number of beneficial insects, nematodes and fungi that balance out all the damaging insects and fungi. The balance of nature needs to be maintained for all of us to survive (pretty dramatic). The leaves also break down creating a food source for all the plants surrounding us. When this food source is removed from the equation, trees and plants must rely on other forms of energy to maintain immune systems. Compromised immune systems correlate into trees that become weak and eventually hazardous to our environment.

I wish I could tell everyone how important the leaves are to the plant life cycles around us. Obviously the only way to teach most people is through demonstrations. How often have we heard of trees falling on people or large limbs failing and killing a child. These trees have been denied the basic food source most trees would find in an undisturbed natural woodland. We could compensate and spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on liquid fertilization, but why do this when all you need is what the trees provide, their leaves. We need to acknowledge their important role in our society and then plan on taking care of them, as an overall part of the world we live in. I know it sounds preachy but everyone needs to recognize how much damage we have inflicted on the planet. It is time to take a greater responsibility towards our future. My children’s future. You families future. Our communities future.

That’s it. I have nothing more to say about that (Forrest Gump…).

It isn’t too late to save this years leaves and manage your living, breathing, outdoor neighbors. Your trees.

Time to stop walking past the trees without realizing what benefits they provide. We teach our children to be respectful to our elders. I have at least 7 trees on my property that are older than me and even more that I pass by every day. Take a deep breath and consider why you are able to do that breath. The trees on our planet give us this opportunity every day. The trees never take a vacation and never ask for anything in return. Breath that in for a while. NOW GO OUT AFTER YOU READ THIS and pick up a bag of leaves and dump it out onto a part of your property where there is exposed soil.


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