Life Coaching For The Parents Of Children With Special Needs: WOW

Life Coaching for anyone is a benefit but Parents with children who have special needs are silently crying for help.

Special needs can range from mentally challenged on many levels, emotionally challenged, physically disabled, speech delayed or a basket of issues outside the norm. To name all the disappointments that parents face would take pages. As a demonstration of respect I won’t even begin to explain the many challenges that I myself have not had to live with. Not to say I have been completely immune. As parents we are all constantly challenged by our children. This is a SHOUT OUT to all those who have the scars of being parents and to all couples who deal with the traumas every day.

It is time to mourn the child we dreamed of and begin celebrating the gift we got!

The many layers in nature mimic the many masks we create to survive.
The many layers in nature mimic the many masks we create to survive.

How many marriages have been torn apart by the question of why? The blame, the shame, the pain associated with the disappointment. The guilt, the regret the strain on a couples relationship. How much time needs to go by before you can forgive yourselves and begin cherishing the child that is in need of love. Time is critical and  in any process time lost causes delayed action. Delayed action is a demonstration of neglect and this is where we need to dig deep and be our children’s champions. Knowledge, community and belief that every life has value and purpose is paramount to keeping families together with hope and love.

I believe I was lucky. The importance of FAMILY seemed to always guide me back to what was important. Love has always been there but there is so much more needed in the face of the unknown. The challenge is not only how do I deal with unexpected news but how do WE? Truth be told this is the challenge all parents face. Two different people with two different ideas, different strengths and weaknesses, different experiences and finally different expectations blown away. What to do and who to turn to? Too often new parents really don’t know how to process anything outside the norm. The lucky ones have the foundation of family, commitment and ultimately shared love.

Personally I am different, better and stronger from all the challenges and experiences my family has had. We are all still together. So many couples don’t come out the other side together. The pain is too great and the divides too wide to bridge. A therapist can be an option to clear the air and begin the conversation but there is so much more there that needs space to emerge. I know I can help couples find their way back. Living a new life, creating new dreams. I have studied to become an Internationally Certified Life Coach and I can’t begin to tell you how I have grown. This knowledge, integrated with my Masters in Special Education, teaching experience and my many years educating and managing people with their fine gardens, will complete the circle.

The power of knowing is only the beginning. I look forward to dedicating my life to helping others recognize the possibilities, the love pained over and all that is still there yet cloaked in dense fog. If you and your partner fit into this category please know there is a clearing up ahead. Believe that there is hope with love ever present and I can be the witness to the rebirth of new dreams. I hope for us all and wish we see farther ahead then ever imagined.

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