Life Coaching the Garden and Life Coaching the Client: Similar But Different

Coaching gardens back to health and Coaching people to meet their full potential is not that different.

People and gardens, naturally, have all that is needed for success. WHY? What is my point you ask? Too often people create their own barriers to success in the same way through neglect an ornamental garden looses it’s purpose. Absence of self care, or more from the heart, the absence of love. There is a point, a tipping point, we reach in our life when we begin to care more for the things outside ourselves. When this occurs we begin to wilt. We begin to atrophy. Most people at one point or another in their life neglect things. When neglect occurs in our lives, depending on how long, things begin to recede to an organic natural state.

Reflections help us see what we have neglected
Reflections help us see what we have neglected

When neglect in a man made garden occurs nature takes over. The survival of the fittest theory takes hold and very often the native trees and plants overtake the ornamentals. You can imagine the same is true for our health, our relationships and our career (work). Most people in today’s fast paced immediate gratification world are not designed and disciplined enough to eat healthy and stay active. If you are one of those people than you are my motivation and I thank you. Same line of thinking, how disciplined and consistent are we all with the relationships in our life? I know over the years I have taken family, the ones closest to me, for granted not consistently honoring them. Then there is our professional lives. Here you grade yourself. Are you balanced and successful with work while caring and honoring yourself and family?

Here is where the hook is pulled. If you noticed I set the bait. I tugged on the string and hopefully got your attention and the moment you take notice and try to nibble I draw back on the rod and reel. A Life Coach is designed to assist with restoring the balance of life. A Life Coach does not have all the answers for you because you already know and have all that is needed for success. Life Coaches honor your experience and knowledge and create opportunities for you to see all the pieces so you regain the vision, hope, drive to satisfy the needs that have been ignored, surppressed. There is no blame here. There is no looking back. Right here right now is what is most important and we fully step into the moment with the desire to want more for ourselves. This desire fuels our success to find a new balance. A balance that serves all aspects of our life.

Layers in nature giving us clarity.
Layers in nature giving us clarity.

I have walked thousands of gardens over my lifetime and am always amazed by the balance in nature. The wonder, the mystery, the sense of order. In soil there is everything that is needed for life to occur. All we need to do is get our hearts and hands into it, creating movement. When we choose to put our own stamp on the world and design our own Eden there is work to be done, a discipline to establish, love to be given to maintain that paradise. Very similar to our health, our relationships and our careers, when the work hasn’t been put in neglect occurs and the value of life diminishes. Now it is time to choose for yourself. Are you content with your garden, your life or do you want more. This is where the skills of an experienced Life Coach fosters movement. Life Coaches have an understanding of the roads to be travelled because they have so intensely traveled their own. Armed with an understanding of the journey to be taken, the insights and intuition to help you focus and pathways to explore Life Coaches respect and honor all that you are to help you see through to your future. Step by step you take ownership back of all your needs, all your relationships and especially the honoring of yourself and all your parts.

Coaching a garden back to health is similar to being someones life coach in that there is love, commitment and work that goes into the process that brings new life from the old. It all begins with putting our hearts and hands deep within, creating movement.


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