Life In Mind – Breathing Trees or LIMB (a fundraising effort for all communities to benefit from)

Hi everyone. This article is about a call to arms. Governments should not be the only ones responsible for our future. The planet can no longer sustain itself without intervention from humans. Countries for years have been making an effort to plant trees to help sustain the balance on our planet. Throughout the first decade of the 21st century, as parts of the world industrialize, emerging from their isolation, harvesting trees, for a variety of reasons, has been a big part of their evolution. The modern world has neglected an entire generation, that has shifted it’s focus away from environmental issues, because of the worldwide financial meltdown circa 2008. It is time to get back on track. Countries like Israel and even the United States have committed themselves to replanting the planet, but these two countries on their own can not make enough longterm impact to benefit the entire planet.

Don't worry about grass just PLANT A TREE

Life In Mind – Breathing Trees or LIMB is being created to further the process. Since communities need direction and motivation to help them focus on the bigger picture, Plant With Me, Inc is dedicating itself to spread the word and start a fund that will purchase and plant trees, in cooperation with other companies and groups around the world. The beginning effort will start very close to home, here in Commack, on Long Island in New York, but won’t stay confined for very long.

Hakuro-nishiki’ Dappled Willow, just great

As I communicate with other businesses around my neighborhood I will have a greater sense of how this project will progress. Wish me luck and everyone enjoy the planet we all live on.

One Hope, Many Trees, to help future generations breath.

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