Long Island Garden and Landscape Restoration Specialist Not Easy To Find

In New York on Long Island, garden and landscape restoration specialist aren’t going to be found very easily. Even before we go into what these people do and why it is so difficult to find them I need to address how much homeowners need to learn to properly manage the gardens, trees and landscape that they currently own.It isn’t that homeowners don’t care. It’s a fact that many times there are other priorities. With these other priorities, another obstacle for many homeowners is money. If all homeowner issues, including money concerns, were not present, property owners would still  be lost without a clue where to begin.

Unfortunately the first natural place many homeowners turn to is their landscapers. This is a novice move for most homeowners because they don’t truly understand the value of the land their house sits on. Most people who own a house and property don’t consider how much the property contributes to the value and overall appeal to other prospective buyers (not to say, all who are reading this article are considering selling). The point is that landscapers today are educated to cut the lawn. Edge the lawn. Possibly fertilize the lawn. Possibly plant some annuals and trim some hedges (yet not manage the continued development of those hedges and gardens).

It isn’t difficult for me to say that most landscapers today should only be allowed to cut and edge the lawn. Even putting mulch down, if not done carefully and with consideration, can be damaging to our gardens and trees. Installing mulch takes a certain knowledge of soil and why the mulch is being used. Here on Long Island most property owners have a hard time valuing their gardens and what it should cost them to maintain them. This is where I come in and this will not be for the weak of mind. Those who continue to read on are warned that if they live with trees, shrubs and perennials they have a responsibility not only to the life living on their land they have a responsibility to the environment living in and around those trees, plants and perennials. Air, soil and water are all part of the plant lives around your property and your neighborhood. If you have had gardens and trees planted on your property, you need to understand how to care for the money you invested on your property. Garden/landscape Restoration Specialists are the caregivers for the trees, plants and perennials you have paid for to have installed into your landscape.

The keyword here is caregiver. An individual who has the sensitivity, knowledge and experience to care for the trees, plants and perennials around your property. So now it is important for me to compare the value of finding the right garden/landscape manager with finding someone to care for your children when your not around. Who do you have that cares for your home and all it’s different parts. How do you determine the value of these different caregiving services. Is it important that when you call these people they are around and answer your call? Do you value how quickly caregivers and services call you back? Is attention to detail and thoughtful questions on the part of the caregivers important attributes? These and many other questions are the things that determine a services value and if that is what will meet your needs. If any of these ideas have struck a nerve, you need to admit that finding the services that meet your needs will have a monetary value attached to them.

Now that I have established certain definitions and identified possible needs I can begin talking about garden and landscape restoration specialist. The individuals and companies that perform the service of caring for your gardens, trees, soil, water management system and ornamental pots and annuals needs to be dedicated to this without too much distraction. To mow lawns and do all this other stuff is near impossible because of the amount of time it takes to schedule, perform the work and continually monitor the ongoing development of the trees, gardens, soil, irrigation and annuals. I am not saying it can’t be done. What I am saying is to property CARE for the living elements around your property an individual or company needs to be dedicated to individual tasks, especially on a property with lots of plant material and plant diversity. A perfect example of what I am talking about can be seen in many of todays landscapes where there are Hydrangeas, Boxwoods and Roses all surrounding a house. Just these three plants by themselves pose challenges that can drive most homeowners insane. People may not realize it at first but within 3 years, POW, how big the plants have become and where have all the design elements that were part of the original plan. Don’t be afraid though. After 3 years, regaining control is not that hard. But now think about 4 years, 5 years, 7 years and 10 years.

Money originally well spent on landscapes and gardens coupled with maintenance expenses over time often become a terrible disappointment. It doesn’t need to be that way but you have to make a decision if that is important to you. Most people I have met with and spoken to over the past year have called me because they are tired of their services not property caring for their landscape and garden investments. I don’t blame them for their disappointments. The services that they have paid for all these year have not lived up to their part of the contract (and the truth is this is how they like it). Without all this mismanagement landscapers wouldn’t have as much business. I wouldn’t have a business. So now what do you do and how do you begin finding those services that will meet your needs and care for you and what is yours, to maintain value. THIS IS WHERE I BID YOU ALL GOOD LUCK.

In Suffolk County and Nassau County here on Long Island in New York some homeowners are luck enough to find me as I am lucky that they choose to find me. I am designed to be a caretaker. Always have been alway will be. Without knowing it after getting my undergraduate degree in Psychology from Long Island University (C.W. Post campus) I went on to get my masters in Special Education. I even taught for a few years. I was an MC/DJ for many years taking on the responsibility of peoples very special occasions. I take care of people. I take care of things. It is what I do and I take great pride in the level of care I demonstrate. Now this is where I tell you why it is so difficult to find someone like me. It is the combination of elements that contribute to the quality of care given. We have all been there and witnessed that waiter or waitress that naturally nows how to make you feel welcome and at ease while you spend your hard earned money to feed and entertain yourself. They same is true for a good doctor, nurse, electrician, painter, financial advisor, accountant, house keeper and so many other professions where the services need to identify needs and then manage them.

There aren’t many people and places we feel we are getting our true moneys worth. But when we find it we don’t want to let it go. This is how I am and this is the type of relationships I try to make with all the individuals who choose to hire me and my services. I am far from perfect but I am continually trying to improve on what I believe is best management and the highest quality of care. It is this passion, demonstrated constantly to all who meet me and know me, that drives me to be better than everyone else at what I do. I figure by the time I’m 120 years old, no one will be able to come close to what I know, how I do it and the results I can get. All kidding aside I haven’t met anyone who I feel can do what I do with gardens, landscapes and property spacial relationship as it refers to restoration, design, maintenance and management. I look forward to all those people who know more than me and give me the opportunity to learn and be better.

I say as I have said so many times before, at some point everyone needs to make a decision and trust someone to take care of their needs. There are things you can do to safegaurd your choices. Once again good luck and good night. I would love the opportunity to care for everyone’s gardens but there is just so much I can do. Call me, meet me and then make a decision.

Good Night Sweet Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses.

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