Love Restoration – Gardens, Tree & Ourselves (A Valentines Gift To All)

What does it mean to restore? If life is continually growing and changing, how can we restore our gardens, our trees, our lives to a previous state? After great deliberation, consideration, thought and meditation, I find myself realizing one common theme. We can’t go back with things that are in motion, such as life. If you attempt to restore something living to a previous state we are sacrificing parts of that life in the process.

Gardens and trees fit into the category of life in motion. The difference between plants and animals is that plants can be brought back, through pruning (click on the links for more info), to previous sizes. There are pruning practices that need to be put into place throughout this process, such as possible fertilization, how much can be pruned at any one time to restore to a desired size and attention to how new growth will develop (directional pruning). No matter what the plan, expectations need to be set and the possibility of losing a plant has to be in mind. We can’t forget we are dealing with living things, even though more flexible than animal as to adapting to survive.

I sit here wondering about the value of life and all it’s complexities. The parts we cherish as well as the parts we regret. I have the ability to do what I do and think the way I think because of all the facets of my experiences. All those who have read through my writing have seen a common thread. A line that travels all through the appreciation and respect for life. The expression of not just living it for ourselves but the ability to share our lives, lifting others with our demonstrations of love. Our love can be for numbers, for colors, for shapes. Our loves can be for science, religion, language and or history. Our loves can be for teaching, learning, inventing or simply for loving. Loving others who don’t know of love, can’t find love, don’t see the love. This is my gift to everyone who reads this article.

If you are struggling with your ability to feel. I am talking about any feeling at all. Emptiness, numbness, vacant of patience for people and things. Whatever it is you may need, here is my Valentines gift to all. Three hugs. Don’t dismiss me at this point. This is not something I will joke about. THREE HUGS. I am not being romantic. This is not an original idea (Leo Buscaglia, Love). I borrowed it from a teacher that had the ability to express an idea in a way that I was able to understand. THREE HUGS, not necessarily in a row but three hugs a day. Contact with others. The transfer of emotion. The transfer of love and hope. You don’t need to give but you do need to be open to receive. This practice will begin the healing process. The only thing to remember is to practice. Practice the art of the HUG and don’t forget, you deserve to be hugged and loved.

The love all around us.

There are those of us who have the vision to see all that there is to love. There is pain and despair, wanting and longing and still there is the ability to see through. Seeing through and knowing when to soften enough to let others in. You can be physically blind and still have the ability to see. I know many people reading these words may not understand what it is I am trying to say. I have been in this position before and needed to find the right combination of words so that a large number of people would have the ability to define things, through my words, for themselves.  The challenge is immense and I find myself in a position where I am going to call upon someone who had lived a life far beyond where I have lived mine.

Leo Buscaglia lived that life and had the ability as few have had, to express himself in a universal way. Some people, unfortunately, no matter what you do, what you say or how you express things will be opposed to seeing. Those people who can’t see, have been denied the one thing Leo Buscaglia, throughout his life, tried to teach. The idea that through expressing yourself to others you begin to define your own life (for yourself). In a previous article, I address how time relates to our perception of life as this article focuses on our expressions of love to one another. I challenge everyone to see how far into my mind you can travel (just click onto the previously highlighted links).

Love you all. OK, that had some romantic undertones LOL.  Happy Valentines Day.

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