Homeowner? Studying Landscape / Garden Management & Maintenance Makes The Difference

Are you a homeowner that needs to understand Landscape and Garden management? Michael Rosenberg @ Plant With Me, Inc. specializes in educating home owners, especially new homeowners, on the many aspects and challenges associated with the outside of their house.

Welcome to the wonderful world of life outside the confines of your home. Trees, bushes, roses, Rhododendron, Hydrangeas, perennials, annuals, lawn care, driveways, walkways, patios, arbors, pergolas, pathways, lighting, irrigation, outdoor furniture, water features, fire pits, pools, ponds, sports courts, putting greens, do I need to go on. There are so many things that take space on our properties. I would love to know all there is about everything but at some point we all need to trust someone as we begin to learn and understand our choices.

Butterfly King in the garden: The Monarch know.
Butterfly King in the garden: The Monarch knows.

Monarch butterflies have a great story to tell and if they could speak to us we would be better for it. This butterfly can travel long distances and is, to say the least, well educated in self care.

What is going on here you ask? If we use the Monarch Butterfly as an example of being selectively cautious we can begin to navigate the many choices we need to make to live and thrive in and around the space we occupy. The previous list of  things we need to learn to maintain the value of our homes can be daunting. The reality of home ownership is we need to find those that will not just sell their services but educate us in the process. With the internet and social media at our fingertips we have many ways of learning. How do we utilize all that information so we don’t waste time and money. The only way through this maze is having experience. Once you know where you want to start and have a basic budget, no mater how big or small, bringing qualified people in to bring your ideas to life is most important. Never feel pressured, rushed or stuck because of experienced professionals ideas, budgets or time tables. They may seem like the best but there are highly skilled and educated professionals out there just waiting to be of service.

How and who do you choose? It is like dating. You begin to make choices, get estimates and ideas and with each new experience you get closer and closer to what works for you. The most important thing to remember is everyone is working for you. Never stop asking questions and if you are not satisfied with the answers just stop, take a break. Ask as many questions as you need until you are satisfied with what has been said and what you have learned. We all work hard and will not give our money away without it demonstrating value. I hope that is understood. With all that said, the Monarch Butterfly will fly from flower to flower until it feel safe enough to feed. Travel as far as you need so you feel safe with who will be servicing you. There are always companies and individuals that want the quick dollar. It takes time  but finding service companies and individuals that you can trust for a lifetime is worth the effort and patience.

Always be hopeful and know that there are companies like Plant With Me, in every field, that prioritize educating and helping people make the best choices for themselves, their properties and their families. Good luck and travel safely.

Monarch on Lantana. The Dark Monarch sets the tone for subtle grace.
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