New Plantings Need Attention

Planting can be very simple if you just follow the common recipes. This idea is not being written to appear cryptic. In New York (Long Island), and around the world, every good cook, good craftsman and good doctor has a set recipe for what they do. Based on the food being prepared the material being sculpted or the patients ailment being managed, their are known formulas for success. Planting is no different.

Mix and match with maintenance expectations

There are just a couple of keys that need to be considered. PLEASE LET ME REMIND EVERYONE>

Water variations need to be considered

Watering from the top down for evergreens is critical  the first few months and soil composition around the new planting needs to be the other great preparation. Deciduous trees, woody ornamentals, perennials and annuals all share similar needs. I just need to stress the soil and the water. Most plants in a man made world will need to be touched and managed throughout their life. We need to make available moisture and soil amendments so that our plantings have environments that mimic their natural habitat.

Cypress, Spirea, Camelia, Sephalotaxus (enough variety?)

I have married some interesting specimens into this blog that are demonstrations of how care and consideration are part of the planting choices we make.

Cedar of Lebanon as introduction to walking garden.

We need to have a relationship with mother nature, no mater how difficult she can be at times.

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