New York Autumn Color Distracting the Work To Be Done With Bulbs

Planting Bulbs in October and November is forgotten because of the Beautiful Autumn Colors.

One Tulip can make the difference

BIG or small, properties of all sizes need not be neglected for Fall planting to create springtime flower displays. You could plant a dozen Tulips or a thousand Daffodils, a small package of Crocus or a mass planting of Virginia Bluebells.

Snow Drops in the garden
Snow Drops in the garden (close view)

My point: Time doesn’t stand still and we need to add HOPE for the future by planting today. Pick a spot and make it a happier place. Dig in some compost, place the bulbs in the ground, cover the soil with cultivated leaves or mulch and nature coordinated with time will reward you. There is no subtle way I can say it. Get up and do it. If not for yourself do it for your family, friends, community and the living natural world that supports the space we occupy.

People too often dismiss the moment thinking there is time. Next week, next month, next year I will make it a priority. The time to do it is now and if not now then when? Please don’t think that you need to physically do it yourself. Ask someone to make it happen for you. Is there a price on putting thought into action? I say the value of adding to our world and making it a better place to live has tremendous value. We all need to see this and not take time for granted. I ┬áhave faith that we all are considering tomorrow and the impact of putting the work in today. Spread the hope, stretch yourself and make a difference for us all by planting love into the ground today.P1000171Chicago Botanic Garden Bulb Garden SpringBlooms

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